Renovations on CANHelp's new home on Church Street have slowed due to a need for building materials to provide office space for CANHelp and other non-profit agencies housed in the facility.
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CANHelp needs assistance with building materials

Renovations slowed by lack of lumber, other supplies

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August 19, 2008 - CANHelp may be in its new home at the former site of Ace Hardware in Sulphur springs, but there's still plenty of work to be done before the agency can get settled in.

And renovations on the building on Church Street is slowing due to a need for building materials to provide much-needed office space for CANHelp and several other non-profit agencies housed in the facility.

Dawn Sheffield, CANHelp director, urges Hopkins County residents to consider donating used building materials that are still in good condition to the project instead of dumping them at one of the man county clean-up sites this week.

"During the county-wide clean-up effort, this might be a good time to put good, usable building materials back into action rather than being dumped in the local landfill," asks Sheffield.

However, please be sure items are still in good condition, Sheffield added.

"Please do not donate items that are beyond their usable life. Those items should be disposed of properly," she notes.

Of course, new building materials and financial donations are more than welcome, as well, and since CANHelp is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, donations to CANHelp are tax deductible.

The most imminent needs right now are for the following items:

  • Ten-foot 2x4 lumber, grade 2 or better
  • Twelve-foot 2x4 lumber, grade 2 or better
  • Sheetrock, 1/2 inch (standard)
  • Passage door, S.C. oak
  • Door hardware, grade 1 or 2
  • Utility sink, F/G
  • Feiling tile, 24 inches x 48 inches lay-in
  • Flooring (VAC tile)

"We will accept used materials that are in good condition and even if they are not the full length or size needed," Sheffield said. "For example a 4-foot section of 2x4 can be used to frame out a door or window. Also, any materials that are not used for our building renovations will be stored and used to help clients in our Faith In Action program."

For more information, or to make a donation for building renovations, contact Sheffield at 903-885-9797; send an e-mail to; or request in writing information by mail at P.O. Box 214, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482.

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