Senior center hosting special program on phones for the disabled

From Staff Reports

August 1, 2008 - A special program is being hosted Wednesday, Aug. 6, regarding special telephone equipment and services available for seniors with certain difficulties.

Edith Hirth from Deaf Action Center will be presenting the program which begins at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the Senior Citizens Center, 150 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

Included among the types of equipment Hirth will be discussing are amplified telephones, captioned telephones or VCO, and two-way pagers or TTY. She'll also talk about special equipment designed to assist individuals with speech, vision, mobility and cognitive impairments.

For instance, for those with hearing difficulties, she'll attempt to clarify the difference between CVO, amplified phones and TTY's, as well as who they're most suited to assist.

An amplified telephone assists those who can comprehend speech on a telephone, but need to control both volume and clarity, while a captioned phone is designed for people who have difficulty hearing on the telephone but wish to talk to their party and read what the caller is saying to them on the display screen. A TTY is used by people who cannot hear or talk on the telephone.

There are also special telephones for those who have speech difficulties or are unable to talk, and "tele-braille" and large-button phones for the visually impaired. And there are phones for people who have difficulty dialing and/or holding a telephone, as well as those who need adaptive technology or "picture memory" telephone due to cognitive difficulties.

For more information about the special program, contact Karon Weatherman, Senior Citizen's Center program and marketing director, at 903- 885-1661.

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