�A Matter of Time� gives lyrical lessons in lovin� and leavin�

By TERRY MATHEWS | News-Telegram Arts Editor

Sept 5, 2007 - “Just A Matter of Time,” Randy Rogers Band’s first release under the Mercury-Nashville label covers territory familiar to all country music lovers.  There are loving songs. There are leaving songs. They’ve even tossed in a ode to whiskey.

It’s hard to miss with titles like  “Better Off Wrong,” “You Could Change My Mind,” and “Wiskey’s Got a Hold On Me.”

The cut “Kiss Me in the Dark,” however, has caught flak for its commerical lyrics. In order to get airtime on country radio stations, artists sometimes have to hurdle over the great divide that separates independent musicians from those who have made it in the mainstream world. 

There’s nothing in the world wrong with that, and  Rogers and the boys made the leap better than most.

Rogers has spent most of his professional life playing in a string of small venues, driving through the night to the next show. He knows the importance of quality time with the one you love:  

Kiss me in the dark.
Roll me through the night.
Hold me like 
You’re never going to let me go. ...
Kiss me in the dark.

The title cut is a haunting country love song of the finest order. The weeping fiddle leads into a slow-dance melody with some pretty scorching lyrics:

Saw you again last night
Caught you catching my eye
Love to stare at you.
Through the smoke and lights
I could see that 
I just wanna’ hold you 
I just wanna’ know you
I just wanna’ spend the night wrapped up in you.
It’s all just a matter a of time.

The boys in the band must have suffered their share of heartache, too. “You Could’ve Left Me” had be born of a bad breakup:

You can’t fool me.
I can read you like a book.
You think that I don’t know.
You think I have no clue.
Guess letting me down easy
Was more than you can do.

And just when you think the boys have locked up their hearts, they let loose with “You Could Change My Mind.” All it takes is one look and they’re back for more: 

I said we were through.
I’m over you.
But you could change my mind.

�You Don�t Know Me� is a fresh look at fierce individuality and doesn�t sound much like someone who�s walking the line. It�s not your mama�s Cindy Walker:

I ain’t the kind to sip on fancy wine.
That high-class sort of living ain’t on my mind.
Got no worries about what people say.
Ain’t going to turn my skies from blue to gray.
I might get up in the morning.
I might sleep ‘til after noon.
I might howl at the moon all night.
I might whistle a sad old tune.
You might know everybody, but you don’t know me.

�You Start Over Your Way� tells the universal breakup story, and I can�t imagine why it�s not in heavy rotation on every country radio on the planet:�

I’ve got the road less traveled.
My dreams unraveled.
A broken heart that suits me fine.
My load’s a little lighter from a string of all nighters
A ball of fire killing time.
Honey, you start over your way.
Yeah, and I’ll start over mine.

�Whiskey�s Got A Hold On Me� is the quintessential drinkin� song and would be a great cover for Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson:�

Whiskey’s got a hold on me.
I can’t help myself.
You’re all I see
All the time.
That’s why I drink you 
Off my mind.

Country songs are all about lovin’, leavin’ and the hard drinkin’ done to get over the first two. In “Just A Matter of Time,” The Randy Rogers Band has the heat and the heartbreak covered. And the empty bottle’s on the bar. 

The band will be performing at the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center on Saturday, Sept. 8, during the annual Fall Festival.  Advance tickets are $20 at the Civic Center Box Office. Tickets at the door will be $25. Doors open at 7 p.m. Call 903-438-9311 for ticket information. 

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