United Way campaign at 85 percent, effort continues

By FAITH HUFFMAN | News-Telegram Staff

Oct 30, 2007 - M. Hanna Construction is leading the charge to raise funds for Hopkins County United Way. Thus far, the $15,000 they have turned in is the largest amount to date contributed by a single business, group or agency, according to HCUW Executive Secretary Charlotte Henderson.

Staff Photo by Angela Pitts

Hopkins County Untied Way workers Cathy Chitwood (left) and Larry Crowson help Radonna Adams pick out a door prize Tuesday morning during the HCUW workers’ report meeting at the Chamber of Commerce Office.

Not only did M. Hanna Construction, a loyal Hopkins County United Way contributor in recent years, meet the company goal, it was more than doubled, Cathy Chitwood reported for another campaign worker who collected the donation but could not be present for Tuesday’s worker’s meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce.

Flow Serve is another business noted for its giving. The company turned in a total of $14,000 in contributions. The employees contributed $9,000 and the company an addition $5,000.

�Those two entities gave nearly $30,000. That�s awesome,� remarked Pansy Bell a former campaign officer and current campaign worker.

Lynda Hager, who collects donations from the four local banks, reported that the employees of City National Bank this year have exceeded their goal by 25 percent and the bank by 50 percent. Also, Alliance Bank employees contributed 46 percent over its goal while the bank gave 90 percent more than their goal.

Hager said that overall 88 local bank employees pledge at least $52 this year to HCUW. Guaranty Bond Bank had 11 employees give, City National 36, Community seven and Alliance 34 employees. As a special incentive for them to give $52 or more annually, the Banks Clearinghouse together hold a drawing for $500 in cash, with those employees’ names entered into a “hopper” and 11 names drawn by HCUW officers. Two $100 bills, four $50 bills and five $20 bills were awarded Tuesday.

All four local banks this Friday, Nov. 2, will work cooperatively to host a burger cook out on the square from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Although they will not be able to deliver, take out containers will be available for those who are unable to stay and fellowship during the fundraising event. All proceeds from the cookout will benefit HCUW.

Grocery Supply Co. reports that the company will give $2,000, and the employees so far have pledge $7,000 but were still working to get all pledges in.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company also reports they are still working on their donation to HCUW. The company generally also offers employees incentives and have in-house fundraising efforts. So far they have $1,400.

Lowe’s also turned in $3,476 in donations, Charlotte reported. Donna Wallace, who collects campaign donations from local doctors office and the hospital, reported that so far all doctors she distributed packets to have contributed and most met their goal. Also, she reported that the hospital’s donation, turned in last week, increased over the last week.

�The hospital had a few people that came back and asked if it was too late to give. We told them it�s never too late,� Wallace said, handing in the additional contributions to Henderson.

Judy Tipping reported that Sulphur Springs Independent School District also “did real well,” with about 150 percent of the goal pledge.

Bell reported that of the packets she had collected so far, all have met their goal 100 percent.

Bill Allan reported that Farm County had far exceeded their goal, handing in $500. 

Fidelity Express asked for an additional week to get their HCUW contribution in as they have had a number of employees out of town and wanted to give them the opportunity to give as well.

As of the conclusion of Tuesday’s workers meeting, $122,776, or 85 percent of the $145,000 campaign goal, had been turned in for HCUW. The campaign will continue an additional week, with workers meeting again Tuesday, Nov. 6, at Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce at 9: 30 a.m. All workers are asked to try to make the meeting and if possible get all of their donation packets back in by that time. Businesses who have yet to get their packets in are asked to do this week if possible so their donations can be counted, and the annual campaign wrapped up.

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