Brookston man jailed after arson attempt

By FAITH HUFFMAN | News-Telegram News Editor

Oct 21, 2007 - A Brookston man was jailed Friday night after he was caught attempting to burn a car he stole from his estranged wife’s Sulphur Springs residence, Hopkins County Sheriff’s Investigators said Saturday morning.

HCSO Sgt. Todd Evans and night shift deputies are being credit with catching the man at a substation with a fuel container and the gas-soaked vehicle.

�Sgt. Evans was out patrolling trying to stop on these copper thefts when he drove up on him. The victim didn�t even know the vehicle was taken,� HCSO Investigator Lewis Tatum said.

Gerald Mac Lowrey, 51, remained in the county jail Saturday morning for driving while intoxicated, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and attempted arson — criminal intent.

Lowrey allegedly traveled to his estranged spouse’s Sulphur Springs apartment. A disturbance ensued around 8 p.m. He allegedly assaulted her, grabbed her vehicle keys and left.

Sulphur Springs police officers, and Hopkins and Delta County sheriff’s officers searched for Lowrey for about an hour.  Soon after, Lowrey apparently went back to the wife’s residence and took the vehicle.

Just after 10 p.m. Evans noticed the Mitsubishi Endeavor parked on FM 2297. As he pulled up, Lowrey drove off. Evans made a traffic stop. Alcohol was detected and Lowrey exhibited signs of intoxication. He was arrested for DWI.

An inventory of the Endeavor revealed the interior had been soaked in gasoline. A container of gas was also found.

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