Cool front breezes in, but it’s not expected to last long

NWS suggests bringing cold-sensitive plants, animals indoors tonight

From Staff Reports

Nov 6, 2007 - The coolest weather of the fall moved into the area overnight, with temperatures this evening expected to drop to the mid to upper 30s, but it should be a short-lived cold spell.

The noontime temperature today hovered around 59 degrees, a full 20 degrees less than 24 hours before. The temperature decline was fueled by northeasterly winds gusting to about 20 miles an hour this morning.

National Weather Service forecasters in Fort Worth do not expect a significant threat of freezing conditions across North Texas, but there is a chance for some frost near and just south of the Red River.

Overnight lows of 33 to 36 degrees tonight are expected mainly north of a line from Bowie to Sulphur Springs.

Temperatures are expected to warm up again Wednesday, with a high around 65 and overnight low around 43. Southerly winds will return later in the week, and high temperatures of 80 degrees could come this weekend.

For tonight, however, the weather service suggests cold-sensitive plants and animals be brought indoors tonight.

According to Hopkins County Master Gardener Valli Hardgrave, many tropical and house plants can suffer tissue damage if left outside when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Here's what to do and expect when bringing them inside:

n Place them in a garage, carport or patio with a lower light condition. Give them a healthy bath with a forceful stream of water to remove any unwanted pests. Remove any dead foliage or spent blooms.

n When you bring them indoors, avoid placing them under heat vents.

n Cut back on feeding during the winter months as most plants go through a dormancy period.

n To keep a nice uniform shape, occasionally turn your plants, as they grow toward their light source.

n Water only as needed, not letting your plants stand in water. They will also enjoy an occasional misting to help with the drying condition of indoor heating.

n Lastly, it is normal if they drop some leaves after coming indoors. It is their way of coping with their new environment.

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