Medicare Part D ‘open season’ starts in 2 weeks

Senior Citizens Center director offering help

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Nov 2, 2007 - As if medical and prescription insurance plans aren’t confusing enough, in two weeks begins what some might call “open season” for the Medicare Part D Prescription Plan.

That’s when senior citizens covered by Medicare will be asked, once again, to begin choosing their plans. Like any other insurance program, those enrolled will want to pay close attention to benefits, as costs are expected to increase and prescription pay-outs to change.

Senior Citizens Activity Center Director Karon Weatherman is offering to help clear up some of the confusion and assist participants in determining which prescription plan will best serve their individual needs.

�Some can stay on the plan they�re on. For others it would be to their benefit to change due to cost and see if drug information is clear,� said Weatherman, who has been trained to assist Medicare Part D Prescription Plan.

In the past, Rita Moore with Ark-Tex Council of Governments has been on hand locally to go over plans with Hopkins County residents. Since Moore is no longer available, Weatherman will help by comparing prescription needs with plans and costs to see which particular options will best suit each individual’s needs.

Current participants or those who soon will be considering the options are encouraged to visit Weatherman at the Senior Citizens Center, located at 150 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, for advice.

Those who do should bring their prescription medication information, or at least the bottles for each, when possible. The drug name — including exact spelling — and information such as how often each medication is taken will be entered into a computer to determine what plan best meets the individual’s needs. The current cost of each prescription is also very helpful.

No appointments are necessary, but certain days and times are best to catch Weatherman. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best, but she is also available Wednesday-Friday beginning just after noon. She is generally at the center until about 3 p.m. Monday-Friday.

�Bring just medication, all of the prescription stuff but not the over-the-counter stuff. Know the amount you spend ��most will know � and we�ll look at the program,� Weatherman said. �If they can come before Nov. 15 that�s fine. Just bring their stuff and come on, and I�ll be glad to do it.�

For more information, contact Weatherman at the Senior Citizens Center at 903-885-1661.

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