Graffiti cleaned up quickly at Buford skate park

By BRUCE ALSOBROOK | News-Telegram Managing Editor

Nov 2, 2007 - If you think skateboarders are lazy, think again.

Less than a day after someone spray-painted graffiti on the skate park in Buford Park, the people who most want to use the facility had all but cleaned up the vandalism.

City Manager Marc Maxwell, obviously unhappy after someone smashed pumpkins, threw eggs and tagged the skate park — which the city put in $100,000 to build — Halloween night, said Thursday the skate land would be closed until it was cleaned up. And city workers weren't going to do it.

"We expect them [the people who use the skate park] to show up with paint thinner and scrub brushes and clean it up," he said. He even went so far as to say a guard would be posted and wouldn’t allow anyone in except to scrub off the graffiti.

And they did, cleaning almost all the graffiti off by nightfall Thursday.

"I am extremely pleased and proud of the response," Maxwell said today.

The city manager said there's "still have a little bit left to do," but expects it to be taken care of by the end of the day.

And then the skaters can resume their kickflips, grinding and ollies?

"That's about the size of it," Maxwell said.

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