Opening night of ‘Wonderful Town’ disappoints, drives patrons from hall

BY TERRY MATHEWS | News-Telegram Arts Editor

May 10, 2007 - From the time the curtain went up Tuesday night on “Wonderful Town,” Dallas Summer Musical’s latest production, the audience knew something was amiss.

Wonderful Town

For starters, the orchestra was sitting on the stage, which wouldn’t have been so strange had there been something else up there with them. They had no company, save the backdrop of a city skyline. And, as the play progressed, there were precious few props, creating the look of a regional production rather than that of a national touring company.

A second red flag went up once the band began to play – the sound system wasn’t in sync.

We heard the real sound of the band, and then a nano-second later, we heard their amplified sound.

However, the true disaster began when the actors took the stage.  They, too, were out of sync with the sound system.

I never understood one word the policeman, the football player or the mother-in-law said. Well, I caught “I could throw the football” from the jock’s musical number, but that’s the only thing I could make out.

Can you say, “Sound check, please?”

Add another set of out-of-sync speakers at the back of the hall and you understand why the exodus began after the third musical number. I was just one of hundreds who left at intermission, heads swimming from the strain of it all.

Surely, the sound issues have been resolved and the remaining performances will go smoothly. From what I read in “Playbill,” the story is cute. Two sisters from Ohio, one cute and one smart, hit the Big Apple and encounter a strange new world on their way to fame and fortune. 

Too bad they didn’t bring a workable sound system with them.

�Wonderful Town� runs through May 20 at the music hall. Call 214-691-7386 for ticket information.

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