United Way Board sets 2007-2008 campaign goal at $145,000 

By FAITH HUFFMAN | News-Telegram News Editor

June 17, 2007 - Hopkins County United Way Board of Directors on Friday set its campaign goal at $145,000, increasing last year’s goal by $5,000 while approving all except one of the budget and allocations committee’s recommendations for funding in 2008.

Staff Photo by Angela Pitts

Campaign President Bob Weaver (left) discusses Hopkins County United Way’s campaign goal for 2008 during a meeting with the Board of Directors on Friday. Also pictured are (left to right) HCUW Executive Secretary Charlotte Henderson and new board members John Berning and Joel Jackson.

HCUW received requests from 17 agencies for $177,450, and allocated funds to 16 of those agencies as well as $15,050 for  administrative expenses and the required 10 percent fee of $1,450 to United Way of America.

Last year’s campaign goal of $140,000 was not only met, but was exceeded to the point the board of directors met again and voted to designate more money to each agency. An additional $14,900 was approved to completely fund all the requests made by each benefiting agency as well as an additional $1,000 above that request for each agencies. Overall, HCUW was able to give $171,900 to benefiting agencies last year.

No new agencies were added to HCUW’s list, although one did apply this year. AlumiNation Association requested $10,000. The budget and allocation committee recommended that if the board wanted to assist the agency, that it be given a $1,000 one-time gift, if at all. The board opted not to fund the agency at this time, due to lack of information about AlumiNation. They did note, however, that the program overseer as well as members of its board could at a later time, possibly in the spring, go before the board again with more complete information about the program for consideration of funding later.

The largest chunk of this year’s $145,000 goal was allocated to Community Chest. Last year, the group asked for $56,000, was allocated $54,000, and received $57,000. This year, Community Chest has been allocated $55,000.

The next largest amount this year, $10,000, will go to Hopkins County Christian Alliance. Last year, Christian Alliance asked for $15,000, were allocated $10,000 but ultimately received $16,000.

Lake Country Court Appointed Special Advocates, known as CASA, and Hopkins County Community Action Network have each been allocated to receive $9,000 from this year’s campaign which kicks off and continues through the month of October. Both requested $9,000 last year, with CASA allocated the full $9,000 and HCCAN $8,000. With the extra funds, both CASA and HCCAN were awarded $10,000 each. This year CASA asked fro $9,000 and HCCAN $10,000.

Three agencies — North East Texas Food Bank, Boys & Girls Clubs of Hopkins County and Meal-A-Day have each been allocated $5,000 of this year’s $140,000 campaign goal. The all three agencies requested only $5,000 this year. Last year, the food bank was allocated $6,000 and both Meal-A-Day and B&GC $5,000 each. It should be noted that Meal-A-Day’s allocation is awarded in the form of food credit at the Food Bank.

Northeast Texas Child Advocacy Center last year asked for $4,500, and was allocated $5,500. NETCAC asked for $5,5000 again this year, but has again been allocated $4,500.

The four agencies allocated to receive $4,000 each from this year’s campaign are Family Haven, Our Place, Heritage Outreach and Child Protective Services. Family Haven was requested $t,000 last year, was allocated $3,000  and received $6,000 last year, and asked for $6,000 this year. Our Place requested and was allocated $4,000 last year, awarded $5,000 and asked for $5,000 again this year. Heritage Outreach requested $5,000 last year, was allocated $3,500, was awarded $6,000 and asked for $5,000 again this year. CPS requested only $4,000 again this year.

East Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ETCADA) and 4-H have each been allocated $3,000 this year. Last year, 4-H requested $3,000, was originally allocated $2,600 and was awarded $4,000. This year, 4-H asked for $6,500. ETCADA (operating formerly as Northeast Texas CADA) requested $3,000 and was allocated $2,500 last year. This year ETCADA asked for $4,000.

This year, Girl Scouts again asked for $4,000 but was again allocated $2,500. Teen Court asked for $2,500 this year, $1,000 more than was asked for last year. They were again awarded $1,500.

Charlotte Henderson, executive secretary, originally asked for $15,500 for administrative expenses associated with this year’s campaign. She did some refiguring and decided $450 could be cut from that request, and proposed to the allocations committee that the amount be reduced to $15,050. The allocations committee recommended that amount, which the board approved Friday. Last year, $14,500 was requested and approved for administrative expenses.

Also Friday, John Berning, Joel Jackson, capaign chairman Randal Voss, Chris Taffer, Carolyn McKinney and Rowena Johnson were announced as new members of the HCUW Board of Directors, who replace outgoing members Judy Tipping, Cathy Chitwood and John Prickette. The HCUW Board of Directors also includes Bob Weaver, campaign president, Janie Crump, Suzanne Bauer, Wanda Galyean, Heath Halbert, Brandon Brewer and Deanna Landers on the board.

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