Plans under way for portable buildings at Travis, Bowie elementary schools

By FAITH HUFFMAN | News-Telegram News Editor

June 14, 2007 - Sulphur Springs Independent School District Director of Plant Operations Dale Guest said this week the school district is working with city officials to install a portable building at Travis Elementary School to house two classrooms for bilingual classes, as the school has no room to accommodate the upcoming third grade bilingual class.

SSISD Superintendent Patsy Bolton, speaking at this week's school board meeting, explained that the bilingual program has grown over the last three years, beginning when the upcoming group of third graders were in kindergarten. Due to growth, Travis currently has no place to house the students. School officials indicated the addition of a portable building with two classrooms on the campus would resolve the space problem.

"We sat down with the city and found out the requirements, codes that would have to be met and restrictions," Guest said.

� The portable building at Travis will go up on the south end of the playground. District officials worked with crews to design a plan so that another building could be connected to the portable building in the future if more classrooms are needed. They are also seeking permission to put a building on the Bowie Elementary School campus so that the district can begin such a project in the future if needed.

Guest said school representatives are to meet Monday with the city's Zoning Board of Adjustments regarding the buildings at both Travis and Bowie

School officials, due to time limitations in readying for the new school year, have already had RamTech of Houston design the building and prepare it. If given city approval for the project, RamTech will be able to deliver the 700 square foot structure by mid August. The two classrooms would be located 30 feet from the existing building to accommodate the fire code, which requires there be street access for emergency vehicles.

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