City crime falls to eight-year low
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

Jan 5, 2007 - Crime in Sulphur Springs declined in six of the seven major crime reporting categories last year, and while the 271 crimes committed in 2006 were only six less than in 2005, it's significant because it marks an eight-year low. 

2006 was only the second year since 1999 in which there were fewer than 300 crimes committed in Sulphur Springs. That's nearly 27 percent fewer than the 371 recorded in 2004, and 28 percent less than in 1999 the worst year in recent memory, when 375 crimes were recorded.

Thefts of items valued at more than $200 increased by 23 offenses to 138 in 2006, a 20 percent increase over 2005. There were more crimes reported in this category in each of the past eight years except in 2005, when only 115 thefts were reported.

The  offense category with the second largest total was burglaries. Overall, there were 85 burglaries in 2006, down eight from 2005 and one fewer than in 2003. 2004 and 2002 tied for the eight-year record of 118 burglaries. 1999 was a close third with 109 burglaries reported.

Last year, there were fewer home burglaries — 45 — than the previous year's 55, and a whopping 76 in 2004.

However, 2006 had two more building burglaries than the 38 recorded one year before, but two less than the 42 of 2004.

No breakdowns in residential and building burglaries were available for years prior to 2004, when only a composite total of all burglaries was recorded.

Two categories dropped by nine crimes, assault (other than simple assault) to 26 and motor vehicle theft to 19.

The eight-year low for assaults was 23, recorded in 2003, and the high was 56 in 1999. Last year, fewer vehicles were stolen in Sulphur Springs than any of the seven previous years. The eight-year high was 50 in 2001.

Sulphur Springs had only one sexual assault reported last year, continuing a downward trend started in 2004 when seven sexual assaults were reported, one fewer than the eight-year high. There were only two sexual assaults recorded in 2005, the same as in 2002. Three sexual assaults were reported each in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

Last year, two robberies were recorded, one fewer than in 2005 and a new eight-year low. The eight-year record for robberies in a single year was 10 in 1999, with 2000 a close second with eight robberies. There were six robberies in 2004, and five each in 2003 and 2001. Four robberies occurred in Sulphur Springs in 2002.

There were no homicides last year, as was the case in 2004, 2001, 2000 and 1999. There was only one homicide each in 2002 and 2005. The eight year high of three homicides, was recorded in 2003.

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