Grand jury returns 61 indictments

By FAITH HUFFMAN | News-Telegram News Editor

Dec 6, 2007 - A Hopkins County grand jury approved 61 indictments against 43 people during the November court session, with nine people charged in multiple indictments.

Those indicted on felony charges and the allegations against them include:

Jose Luis Marqueda was indicted on 15 charges alleging sex crimes against a female child less than 14 years old. The charges include one offense in 1987,  the rest in 1993.

Also indicted for multiple charges of sex crimes against children was Robert Blake Youngman. He is accused in three indictments of aggravated sexual assault of a female child less than 14 years old. Each indictment includes two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child by contact. The offenses are alleged to have occurred in 2006.

Michael Charles Goodson Jr. was indicted for aggravated assault and  evading arrest. The indictment alleges that when Special Crimes Unit Sgt. Harold McClure on May 9 attempted a traffic stop to “lawfully arrest or detain the defendant,” Goodson accelerated his vehicle, striking McClure with the vehicle, threatening Mcclure with imminent bodily injury. He then fled from the scene in the vehicle.

Others indicted for aggravated assault were Wade Clifford Howard, for possessing a rifle during an assault, and Linda Gail Johnson, for causing injury by cutting a man’s back.

Also indicted for evading arrest was Aaron Frost Walden, for fleeing from a deputy in a vehicle when he knew the officer was attempting to arrest or detain him.

Indicted for criminal mischief and retaliation was Jonathan Wayne Earnhart. He is said to have vandalized the coin-operated machine at Lazer Wash, causing at least $1,500 but less than $20,000 in pecuniary loss. Earnhart is also alleged later to have threatened a female witness with “imminent death or serious bodily injury” by harming her or getting someone else to harm her.

Adam Wayne Caviness was indicted on two burglary of a building charges. He is alleged to have entered two different buildings without permission.

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