EMS officials say they’re not asking for donations 

Apparent phone scams reported

From Staff Reports

Aug 31, 2007 - Hopkins County Emergency Medical Services personnel and hospital staff are not soliciting donations, hospital staff said Thursday afternoon.

If county residents do receive calls asking for donations, EMS officials said to make no mistake, the caller does not represent the local EMS agency.

The calls are apparently being made from numbers in Birmingham, Ala., in an effort to con people into giving up money.

When EMS personnel checked the number local residents say has been showing up on their caller IDs, they discovered that not only are the calls originating in Alabama, the number is listed on the Internet as being involved in a scam, Hopkins County EMS Director Mark Potter said Thursday afternoon.

At least 102 people have gotten calls from the number, looked it up on www.whocalled.us, and many left notations that the caller has claimed to represent law enforcement and emergency services association. Some have written that they have been harassed by hang-up calls from the number.

�We don�t solicit anything and we never do,� Potter said of the EMS service. �Don�t give them any money if they do call. I�m just afraid some older folks will believe them when they say medics need money.�

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