Two plead guilty, sentenced in connection with 2004 drug bust

By FAITH HUFFMAN | News-Telegram News Editor

Aug 7, 2007 - Two Illinois men pled guilty and were sentenced to serve time in prison in connection with a 2004 Interstate 30 drug bust, according to District Attorney Martin Braddy.

Jonathan Malik Jones was sentenced to 10 years in prison and Jacoby Jones to 25 years in prison on the controlled substance charge. The pair, according to Braddy, were in one of two vehicles said to have been involved in trafficking of 970 grams of cocaine from Dallas. Jonathan and Jacoby Jones were stopped twice in September of 2004 by police interdiction officers on the interstate. They were said to be driving a “decoy” which traveled along with another car which was carrying cocaine, in an attempt to draw attention to their vehicle instead of the one carrying the substance on Sept. 27, 2004.

Both Jonathan and Jacoby Jones were let go in the second stop as no illegal substances were found in the vehicle, but the occupants of the other car —  Katrinka Monique Elem and Carlos Dranel Jones — were arrested after an interdiction officer using a density meter and scope located the cocaine in the rear quarter panel of the car. The pair, said to have been paid $1,000 to transport the drugs from Dallas to Illinois, cooperated with officers and agreed to testify against Jonathan and Jacoby Jones who were in the decoy car in exchange for a lesser punishment, according to Braddy.

Elem was sentenced to serve six months in  jail, followed by 10 years on probation. Carlos Dranel Jones is also serving 10 years probation. Motions to revoke their probation have been made since that time; the determination to revoke or not is still pending, the district attorney said.

Officials later charged Jacoby and Jonathan Jones in connection with the Sept. 27, 2004, incident after receiving the information they were part of the trafficking of the drugs. Jonathan Jones was with Jacoby in the car. Jacoby was said to be connected to the purchase of the drugs, Braddy said.

Jonathan Malik Jones, 29, of Decatur, Ill. was to testify against Jacoby Jones in exchange for a lesser sentence of 10 years for the drugs. A jury was picked Friday, and the trial with the trial slated Monday morning. Jacoby Monday also plead guilty in exchange for a 25 years sentence, the district attorney said.

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