Fund drive receives unexpected contributions; beneficiaries getting all they asked for and more

By FAITH HUFFMAN | News-Telegram News Editor

Apr. 5, 2007 - Thanks to some unexpected contributions, Hopkins County United Way officials announced this morning  they will fund the full amount requested by 17 agencies last year, and will also be giving each of those agencies an additional $1,000.

"Hopkins County United Way wants to put those funds to work in the county by fully funding all 2007 Hopkins County United Way requests, $154,900, plus we're going to give them another $1,000 above request to all 17 agencies for a total of $171,900 this year,” said Bob Weaver, the 2006-2007 HCUW campaign co-chair with his wife, Peggy. "That is amazing. Over 300 companies and individuals gave to support HCUW. They're the ones who the credit for this goes to."

Last year's annual fund drive was already a big success, with pledges exceeding the $140,000 goal by $6,742 at the end of the campaign. The agencies had requested $154,000, but the amount was parred down to meet the annual goal.

But United Way received some additional corporate funding, as well as reimbursements from United Way of America from contributions made by former residents who earmarked the funds for Hopkins County.

After discovering those allocations during some additional research, HCUW Executive Secretary Charlotte Henderson contacted United Way of America. The national office then sent a check to HCUW for those back funds, according to Weaver.

"Lots of people all over the country earmarked money to come back to Hopkins County United Way," Weaver said. "Charlotte just checked to make sure they are coming back.  She's been working a couple of years researching other funding sources."

Weaver said they plan to soon send letters to the agencies notifying them of the additional funding. He said the extra money will be especially important for agencies and groups who struggle during the slower summer months, and those organizations which benefit youths in the community will have it to work with this summer.

Henderson emphasized that HCUW is still in sound financial condition, with the recommended 25-30 percent still in the bank as a "cushion" fund should future campaigns fall short of their allocated goal, as was the case in recent years.

"We're in good shape financially," she said. 

Weaver also announced next year's campaign officers and the five individuals who will begin serving three year terms on the board as well. 

Randal Voss of Allstate Insurance will be heading up next year's campaign as chairman, and will have the option of recruiting a helper if he  chooses to have someone co-chair the event. Bob, and Peggy Weaver will continue to assist as co-presidenst on the board and Henderson will continue as executive secretary.

Along with Vos, nsew members joining the HCUW Board will be Carolyn McKinney, Christopher Tapper, John Berning, Joel Jackson and Rowena Johnson.

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