Youth program helps young people grow into better adults
By JOHANNA HICKS | Hopkins County Extension Agent
It’s 4-H Week
Hopkins County Extension agents Larry Spradlin (top left) and Johanna Hicks (top middle) and 4-H members gathered Thursday afternoon on the front steps of the Hopkins County Courthouse to watch Hopkins County Judge Cletis Millsap (far right) sign the proclamation for National 4-H Week, to be held Oct. 2-7. Members will kick off the week on Monday at 10 a.m. with a flag raising ceremony and refreshments in front of the courthouse. They will also be doing radio spots and window displays during the week to emphasize 4-H registration.
Staff photo by Angela Pitts

Sept. 29, 2006 - National 4-H Week begins Monday, but some people may not understand the far-reaching significance of this long-running program that teaches youths responsibility, discipline and many other skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

What do the H's in 4-H stand for? 

Head - 4-H challenges you to think and make decisions, both for yourself and as a member of a group. 4-H is big on self-discipline, responsibility, initiative, and leadership. You will become a positive force in today's world.

Heart - It can be tough growing up today. 4-H members often talk to club leaders and to each other about what matters to them. 4-H gives you a chance to become friends with other young people and caring adults. It is about building character and making your community a better place to live.

Hands - In 4-H, you learn skills that you can use for the rest of your life. You won't just talk about it, you willget your hands on it, learn by doing!  Members choose from about 90 different skills - everything from bicycle safety to cooking to photography to veterinary science. 4-H often helps members discover interests that lead to rewarding careers.

Health - Being healthy means feeling good; doing your best to balance school, friends, and family; and making the best choices. 4-H focuses on developing healthy lifestyles and understanding what happens when you make unhealthy choices.

Who can join 4-H?  

Anyone from 3rd grade to age 19 can join 4-H. Younger kids can be involved as a Clover Kid. We currently have 6 4-H clubs in Hopkins County, so there is a group to fit YOU!

What do kids do in 4-H?

It's up to YOU. You can go to camp, learn to shop wisely, give a demonstration, hatch an egg, make bread, give a speech, conquer an obstacle course, take pictures, shear sheep, learn to sew, raise an animal, perform a skit...and much more!  In 4-H, you will be working with other young people toward common goals. You can also serve as a teen leader by teaching younger kids. You can build your 4-H activities around your own talents and interests.

How do you join 4-H?

Contact the staff at the Hopkins County Texas Cooperative Extension Office at 903-885-3443. They can guide you to 4-H opportunities in your community.

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