Billie Ruth Standbridge | The Quilt Lady from the Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild

Sept. 17, 2006 -- A year of planning, with countless hours of work on the part of many people, came together for an absolutely fabulous show. The quality of quilts that came in was mind-boggling. I think whether you’re a quilter or not, there was no one who left the Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild’s Fall Fest Quilt Show without a greater appreciation of quilts and of all the many long hours of skill and labor that goes into making these pieces of art.

And now to the winners:

Best of Show: Country Patches Quilt Guild, Bed Quilt/hand pieced, titled “Vintage Beauty 2006,” quilted by members of the guild.

�President�s choice: Lisa Coker. titled: � The Quilt that Almost Did," machine quilted by Lisa Coker.

Category: Bed Quilts/Machine quilted: 1st Place Lisa Coker, “Big As Texas !!," 2ndPlace Carol Cook, “Star of Bethlehem," 3rd Place, Linda Scott, “David & Linda’s Waltz Thru Life. Honorable Mention: Kathy Bradbury & Sheryl Rokyta, “The Wedding Star," Lisa Coker, “The Quilt That Almost Did," Lisa Coker, “Orange Marmalade, and Eve Graf, “Orphan Block Comes Alive," Quilter’s Award: Lisa Coker for Big As Texas!! and “Orange Marmalade” and Peggy Abernathy, “Housewarming."

Category: Bed Quilts/Hand quilted: 1stPlace: Country Patches Quilt Guild, “Vintage Beauty of 2006." 2ndPlace: Elaine Roddy, “Mother’s Favorite Things, 3rd Place: Betty Shipley, “Apple Core." Honorable Mention: Diana Harder and Jan Bartley, “Churn Dash." Quilter’s Award, Country Patches and Elaine Roddy.

Category: Bed Quilts/Applique: 1st Place Jimmie Dollins, “O House of America," 2nd Place, Jimmie Dollins, “Log Cabin Wreath," 3rd Place, Sammy Rue, “Medley Opus # One. Honorable Mention: Treva Gibbs, “Texas Our Texas." Quilter's Award: Jimmie Dollins, “Log Cabin Wreath, Nancy Gibson, “Oriental Fabric Fans," Eve Graf, “Women of Design” and Betty Shipley, “FloralGarden."

Category: Wall Quilts, 1st Place Joy Rutledge, “Church in the Wilderness," 2ndPlace, Judy Pool, “Waterloo," Sue Soetenga, “Conway Baskets." Honorable Mention: Kathy Bradbury, “Willow Brook Beauty” and Jan Morrison, “Fossil Fern Fantasy." Quilter’s Award, Peggy Abernathy, “Prancing Pony Delight," Gail Lester, “Snow Dogs."

Category: Art Quilts, 1st Place Brenda Christensen, “American Psyche After 9/11, 2ndPlace, Maureen Thomas, “Three Sunflowers," 3rd Place, Sue Soetenga, “More is More." Honorable Mention: Brend Christensen & Jackie Cavalier, “View From the Back Porch." 

Category: Miniatures, 1st Place, Wilma Moss, “Alphabet Quilt” , 2nd Place, Nancy Gibson, “Blue and White," 3rd Place, Wilma Moss, “Miniature Pineapple." Honorable Mention: Nancy Gibson, “Black and White Lattice” and Jan Morrison, “A Garden Full of YoYo’s."

Category: First Quilts, 1st Place, Treva Gibbs, “Lone Star," 2nd Place Llana Ogden, “Moondance Pinwheels," 3rd Place Carol Davis, “Wall Hanging Sampler." Quilter's Award: Treva Gibbs, “Lone Star."

Category: Former Winners, 1st Place, Nancy Sloan, “Rising Sun," 2nd Place, M.J. Fielek, “Long Hot Summer," 3rd Place, Sally Ashbacher, “Log Cabin Trails." Honorable Mention: Bettie Hammock, “InnerCircle” and Nancy Sloan, “Cosmos." Quilter’s Award: Sally Ashbacher, “Log Cabin Trails, Lynne Haley, “Long Hot Summer” and Nancy Sloan, “Rising Sun."

Category: Antiques: Gold Ribbon Recognition: Bettie Hammock, “Stars by Six," Marion Fuller, “Flower Garden” and Diana Harder, “Pineapple Hexagon." 

Category: Juniors. All young people who entered were recognized for their participation: Hanna Grace Darty, “Disco Dots," Courtney Lovelace, “Vintage Violets," Perry Sisters, “4 Perry Sisters & Nanny," SSISD Special Services, Laura Teer’s class, “Texas Quilt," Gladys Howell’s class: “Hang Tight," Karen Anderson’s class, “Frogs a Hoppin."

The winners of the Viewers Choice Grace Lindley Hamby Memorial Award and the Louise Garmon Stripling Memorial Award will be named Saturday afternoon and were not known at the time this went to print. The same is true for the lucky winner of the guild’s raffle quilt.

The Fall Festival Quilt Show will be followed up by guild members demonstrating quilting at the Texas State Fair, along with the unveiling of the Texas State Department of Agriculture’s Quilt Block competition with the finished quilt of all of the winning blocks. Out of the twenty winning blocks making up the quilt, three of those winners were from the Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild: Wilma Moss, Sherry Shockley and Judy Van Winkle.

What a talented group we have!

Come join these talented people at our next guild meeting on Sept. 25 at the Senior Citizens Center, 5:30 pm for socializing, refreshments and an informative program.

The Welcome sign will be out.

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