City Manager's Report
Reports from our Area Correspondents
Marc Maxwell | Sulphur Springs City Manager

The following is the monthly report given by Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell to the City Council at its Sept. 5 meeting:

September 05, 2006

�WATER MAIN RUPTURES � We have seen some recent improvement in the number of water main ruptures that we are experiencing each day. We are currently experiencing three to five ruptures per day. Last month I reported eight to nine ruptures per day. �

GLOVER STREET — This water/sewer/street reconstruction project is completed. The Capital Construction Division has installed 850 feet of water main and 850 feet of sewer main and reconstructed 850 feet of street in reinforced concrete. The project was budgeted at $188,400. It looks like we’ll come in on budget which isn’t bad since we originally intended to replace only 350 feet of water main.  

CHURCH STREET SEWER — The Church Street Sewer project is about to get under way. The project will replace 3,500 feet of deteriorating sewer main behind homes on North Church Street at an estimated cost of $91,000.

CLAIMS AND ACCIDENTS — We did not have any Worker’s Compensation claims nor liability claims in August.  

MISCELLANEOUS — Elsewhere around the city, employees:

-- Answered 741 emergency 911 calls and 6,972 non emergency police calls.

-- Dispatched officers to 1,042 calls for service.

-- Made 129 arrests, wrote 497 traffic citations, recorded 95 offenses, and worked 35 accidents.

-- Responded to 110 fire/rescue calls, including three structure fires.

-- Conducted 47 fire inspections.

-- Replaced eight street signs.

-- Attended 68 hours of continuing fire education.

-- Repaired Jet-A fuel truck. 

-- Continued development of airport marketing plan and airport website.

-- Developed promotional materials for travel information center located in Langtry, Texas.

-- Prepared fields for fall baseball.

-- Closed the swimming pool.

-- Treated 218 million gallons of drinking water.

-- Checked out 4,840 books, tapes, etc.

-- Issued 177 library cards.

-- Distributed 2,705 meals to senior citizens.

-- Produced various senior citizen programs with a total attendance of 1,466.

-- Loaned the use of the Senior Citizens Activity Center for club activities with a total attendance of 186.

-- Processed a total of 598 citations through the Municipal Court.

-- Special Crimes Unit made five drug-related felony arrests and three misdemeanor arrests, and seized 11 grams of methamphetamine, 41 grams of prescription narcotics and five ounces of marijuana.

-- Responded to 287 animal control calls.

-- Picked up or received 30 dogs and cats, releasing 14 to their owners and releasing 5 to adoptive homes.

-- Received a $248,923 grant for the Special Crimes Unit.

-- Seized 12 pounds of marijuana and 200 grams of “crack” cocaine resulting in four felony arrests.

-- Began writing a community preparedness plan for pandemic influenza.

-- Installed two sewer taps.

-- Installed two manholes.

-- Replaced one manhole.

-- Repaired 12 sewer mains.

-- Unstopped 38 sewer mains.

-- Repaired 136 water main ruptures ($51,000).

-- Replaced two fire hydrants.

-- Replaced 13 water meters.

-- Performed preventative maintenance at water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant.

-- Performed preventative maintenance on pumps at Cooper Lake pump station.

-- Measured depth in intake channel at Cooper Lake.

-- Flushed 44 dead-end water mains.

-- Attended drinking water treatment training.

-- Set new “Stop” signs on Westbrook and Camp streets.

-- Conducted 39 building inspections, 39 electrical inspections, 45 plumbing inspections, 23 mechanical inspections, and issued 16 building permits.

-- Conducted seven public nuisance inspections.

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