Marc Maxwell | Sulphur Springs City Manager

Oct. 4, 2006 - (The following is the monthly report presented by City Manager Marc Maxwell to the City Council Tuesday, Oct. 3.)

CHURCH STREET SEWER — The Church Street Sewer project is about 60% completed. The project will replace 3,500 feet of deteriorating sewer main behind homes on North Church Street at an estimated cost of $91,000. 

BRINKER STREET WATER — Next up on the capital improvements front is this water project. The project will replace 800 feet of 2-inch water line between Kyle and Beasley with 6-inch line. It has a budget of $63,000.

HOLIDAY DRIVE -- The Capital Construction Crew is making progress on Holiday Drive. This street reconstruction project will replace Holiday Drive from Lowe's to State Highway 154 in reinforced concrete. The project is funded by a Texas Capital Fund Grant.

SKATE PARK — The old tennis courts in Buford Park have been demolished in preparation for a new skate park. We will be holding a meeting with interested skaters to review the proposed design.

CLAIMS AND ACCIDENTS — We have one liability claim. Apparently, one of our police investigators struck a Cadillac while trying to avoid a railroad crossing arm which lowered “for no apparent reason." Damages to the Cadillac were $2,407.85. Damages to the police Chevy Tahoe were negligible. There were no injuries. Lt. Rusty Stillwagoner will be attending railroad crossing safety training. 

A Parks and Recreation employee was treated for poison ivy exposure and released to work with no lost time.

MISCELLANEOUS – Elsewhere around the city, employees:

  • Began removing American Lotus plants (water lilies) from Coleman Lake.

  • Watered trees at Buford Park.

  • Sprayed for ants at Gray’s Building.

  • Trimmed trees at Pacific Park.

  • Fertilized athletic fields.

  • Treated drainage basins for mosquitoes.

  • Made 4 four street repairs.

  • Repaired various stop signs, set “Children Playing” signs, and one speed limit sign.

  • Installed “City Cemetery” signs at various locations.

  • Fixed 24 pot holes.

  • Conducted five health inspections and 11 public nuisance inspections.

  • Conducted 44 building inspections, 30 electrical inspections, 54 plumbing inspections and 21 mechanical inspections, and issued 16 building permits.

  • Made concrete repairs on a failing drainage inlet box in the Woodbridge Crossing addition.

  • Treated 165 million gallons of drinking water.

  • Attended law enforcement training regarding drug-endangered children.

  • Seized 7 pounds of cocaine and 5 pounds of marijuana, resulting in two felony arrests.

  • Made 19 drug-related arrests within the newly formed Special Crimes Unit, seizing methamphetamine, ecstasy, GHB (commonly called a date rape drug), prescription drugs and $4,000 cash.

  • Responded to 268 animal control calls.

  • Picked up 13 dogs and cats and received seven at the shelter.

  • Found homes for six dogs and cats for a 30 percent adoption rate and released 5 to their owners.

  • Answered 674 emergency 911 calls and dispatched officers to 995 calls.

  • Made 105 arrests, worked 33 accidents, wrote 410 citations, and recorded 77 offenses.

  • Responded to 100 fire/rescue calls, including 3 structure fires.

  • Attended 197 hours of continuing fire/rescue education.

  • Conducted 48 fire inspections.

  • Processed 447 tickets through Municipal Court.

  • Distributed 2,402 meals to senior citizens.

  • Had attendance of 1,826 seniors either at club meetings or city programs.

  • Installed new flood lights at Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • Repaired #1 filter at WWTP.

  • Installed light at service center.

  • Replaced electrical service at service center.

  • Replaced security camera at Police Department.

  • Installed lights at Library.

  • Repaired three sewer taps and installed one new sewer tap.

  • Repaired three sewer mains.

  • Installed four new mini-manholes.

  • Unstopped 34 sewer mains.

  • Repaired 57 water breaks.

  • Replaced one fire hydrant.

  • Installed 2 new fire hydrant taps.

  • Installed three new water meters and replaced one.

  • Cleaned 39,600 feet of sewer mains.

  • Performed preventative maintenance on clarifiers and aerators at WWTP.

  • Collected wastewater samples for regulatory testing.

  • Treated wastewater effluent to a daily average total suspended solids count of 1.19 milligrams per liter (or parts per million).

  • Repaired filter at water treatment plant.

  • Fix-up, clean-up, paint-up pumps at Lake Sulphur Springs.

  • Performed work on telemetry system which operates pumps at Lake Sulphur Springs.

  • Flushed 44 dead-end water mains.

  • Began preparing bid specs for the repainting of Coleman water tower.

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