Counterfeit $50 bills reported at local businesses, police say
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

Oct. 18, 2006 - Local residents and merchants are being warned to beware when accepting $50 bills in monetary transactions.

Over the last few days, at least two fake $50s have turned up at local businesses, and there could be more in circulation, Sulphur Springs Police Detective Sgt. David Gilmore said Wednesday morning.

The fakes were identified as having the same beginning serial numbers — EJ06558781A — listed on them. The magnetic strip which runs the width of the bill was also in the wrong place. The strip should appear on the picture of Ulysses S. Grant's left ear. The fakes show the magnetic strips as being on the right ear.

While those are two definitive indicators, Gilmore warns people to be cautious when accepting the bills. Don't rely strictly on the placement of the magnetic strip, as a bill could still be counterfeit despite the fact that the magnetic strip is on the left ear.

So far, only two bills have been found, but police warn there could be others in circulation, so they warn individuals and businesses to be diligent in checking the $50s.

Anyone receiving a bill they believe to be a counterfei should take the money to their local bank or to one of the investigators at Sulphur Springs Police Department to have it checked out.

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