Chamber president warns of map, buyer’s guide solicitors
Kerry Craig | News-Telegram Assistant Editor

Oct. 17, 2006 - An advertising sales campaign being conducted in Sulphur Springs to sponsor the printing of a city map and buyer’s guide is not being sponsored or endorsed by Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce, according to Chamber President Bill Elliott.

The Chamber executive said a similar sales campaign is conducted each year, purportedly to support a map of the city and county, and that sales representatives indicate their project is endorsed or supported by Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce.

�The opposite is true,� Elliott said. �We sponsor only one map [of Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County], the one Echo Publishing prints for us annually.�

Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce also sponsors a Cooper Lake map produced by A.I.D. Associates.

�The Chamber neither sponsors nor endorses any other map for our area,� Elliott said.

The Chamber executive asked that any business that may be contacted by this company to call the Chamber at 903-885-6515, especially if any affiliation with Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce is mentioned.

The Chamber will be selling advertising in its annual Buyer’s Guide and map in the near future. Elliott said those people selling that advertising will have a letter from Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce to properly identify what they are doing.

�Unless that sales person has a letter from us stating that, it is not our map,� he emphasized. �We do not endorse or even want it. We have one map here already, and that is all we need.�

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