Morning search for Paris women ends near tee box at country club
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

Nov. 28, 2006 - Local authorities launched a search for two elderly Paris women who phoned emergency dispatchers at 2:30 this morning after becoming hopelessly lost in Hopkins County while attempting to make it home from Lufkin.

The pair was eventually found shortly before 6 o’clock this morning in their car near the number six tee box at Sulphur Springs Country Club. 

The woman driving the car called for help after she pulled to the edge of a steep embankment and thought she was stuck when the car wouldn't move forward. It's a good thing the vehicle didn't go any further, as it was only about 20 feet from the water, deputies said.

The driver told dispatchers she was lost and believed they were near what appeared to be a lake on a dirt road. She thought they were somewhere off State Highway 19 and U.S. Highway 67.

Dispatchers and deputies continued to talk to the women throughout the night, trying to obtain enough information to determine where they were. 

She told one deputy that she could see what looked to be a flashing tower light southwest of their location. Authorities began searching near the airport, thinking she might be seeing that tower. They later learned that it was another type of tower with a different colored light.

At different times, officers searched Business 67 west of Sulphur Springs, around Weaver and Brinker, and south of Sulphur Springs, as well as the area around the country club.

At one point, the car battery died, and their cell phone went dead, as well. When the woman's cell phone charged enough to call out, she again contacted dispatchers.

ne deputy borrowed his father's golf cart and began searching the greens at Sulphur Springs Country Club. Another deputy, knowing the woman's phone had little juice left and at a loss for another solution, turned on the lights and sirens of his patrol vehicle to see if the woman could see or hear it.

She did. The deputy on the golf cart headed to the greens near the dam at the country club, and located the pair at the edge of the steep embankment about 20 feet from the water.

The officers determined the car was not stuck, put it in neutral and let it roll backward then boosted it off and had it driven to the club. 

Emergency Medical Services personnel checked the pair out and found them to be in good health, if a bit tired. The son of one of the women was called to pick up the exhausted pair so they didn't have to drive home to Paris.

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