Council set to finalize annexation plans Tuesday
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Nov. 4, 2006 - The Sulphur Springs City Council plans to finalize the annexation of about 1,270 acres of land into the city limits  during its monthly meeting Tuesday night. 

The council is scheduled to hear the second and final reading of the ordinance that  will increase the area of the town by about 10 percent and add approximately 11 families into the corporate limits of the city.

According to the city’s Director of Community Development, Johnny Vance, the initial proposal, released in May of this year, was to annex property adjacent to the south side of the proposed State Highway 11 extension, from State Highway 154 to State Highway 19. 

"We initially looked at 154 to Arbala Road, but we decided to take it all the way from 154 to Highway 19," Vance said in May.

Included in the planned annexation is all the property not already in the city limits between Interstate 30 and the planned highway extension, as well as property immediately adjacent to the extension on the south side.

Vance said approximately 11 families are expected to be affected by the annexation and will be in line to receive some, but not all, city services immediately. Fire and police protection, for example, will become effective immediately when the property is annexed. The city will provide the large sewer mains to connect to the city's sanitary sewer treatment plant.

The annexation process has already included informal hearings, workshops and scheduled public meetings to allow for public input and comment on the annexation plans. The plans must also be submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice for approval.

The need to annex the property into the city is attributed to the plan for growth of the community, specifically in the target area.

Tuesday’s council agenda also includes a final reading on Ordinance No. 2457, which will establish criteria for downtown development and the creation of a downtown historical district.

Another ordinance scheduled to be heard Tuesday will change the zoning of property located on Gilmer Street, the portion of Lot 20A-R being combined with Lots 4A o Block 47-2 of the Gilmer Hill Addition, from heavy commercial to light commercial.

The final ordinance to come before the council deals with service credits for city employees and retirees.

Council members will also hear from City Manager Marc Maxwell on the status of capital improvements, accident and claims for the month of October and a review of expenditure and revenues.

The council is also set to address abatement proceedings on three structures located at 1220 Texas Street, 218 West Ross Street and 722 South Davis Street.

The council agenda also includes:

  • discuss and take action on bids for concrete and concrete accessories for Woodbridge Crossing;
  • discuss and take action on bids for concrete and concrete accessories on Whitworth Street;
  • discuss and take action on Mutual Aid Fire Protection agreement;
  • discuss and take action on an amended contract with Brashear Water Supply Corporation;
  • discuss and take action on consent agenda items; and
  • hear comments from visitors in a public forum.

The Sulphur Springs City Council meets at 7 p.m. in the Council Room, 125 South Davis Street.

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