Committee to gather public input on facilities needs at Yantis ISD
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

A meeting at Yantis school last week to discuss possible facilities changes "went great," according to Yantis Independent School District Superintendent Harold Cowley.

"No one disagreed with any of the suggestions. It was a positive meeting from start to finish," Cowley said of the cooperative spirit at the meeting.

About 100 people, ranging from parents of student to people with no children and taxpayers in all age brackets, were present at the the town hall gathering in the school cafeteria last Thursday.

"One thing about it, no one questioned the need to split sixth, seventh and eighth grades from high school to a middle school," Cowley said. "Where to put them was the only question.

"They were very agreeable that something needs to be done. They had good ideas ... . They're definitely interested in it."

Among other issues discussed was a suggestion for renovations and repairs at the old gym, and the need for a larger library, as the current facility is really too small to properly accommodate all district needs.

"That's tied in with other suggestions," Cowley said.

It was decided that a committee would be formed, with community members nominating parents representing each of three grade categories — prekindergarten through fifth, sixth through eighth and ninth to 12th — as well as residents with no immediate student connection to the school. Should more than one nomination be made per grade level, those individuals would be asked to provide reasons they want to be on the community committee. The most consciencious, dedicated people would be awarded the spot.

The committee would gather input from Yantis ISD residents and make recommendation as to what Yantis residents find to be the top facilities needs for the school district, then compose a prioritized list. 

Another meeting would be held based on that information, and school officials would then proceed with future plans based on those recommendations.

"They had some good ideas, we liked their ideas. They're interested this. We'll just see where it goes," Cowley said.

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