Dallas man seeks help in finding dog that ran from traffic accident
Patti Sells | News-Telegram Feature Editor

Feb. 28, 2006 - Johnny Cheney, 32, of Dallas admits he’s hit a streak of bad luck this year. First he lost his job, then his apartment, and just yesterday, while moving back to his hometown in Arkansas, he had a wreck on Interstate 30 at Brashear, and lost his best friend. 

Sarge is a two-year-old German shepherd/chow mix, who soon after impact jumped from the Chevrolet S10 pickup truck he and his owner were traveling in and disappeared.

“The last time I saw him he was about a 100 yards away,  moving at 100 miles per hour,” said Cheney, who fortunately was not injured in the accident Monday afternoon near mile marker 116.

Cheney was headed east on the interstate when an 18-wheeler he was behind suddenly moved from the right lane just missing a Texas Department of Transportation vehicle that had stopped in the roadway, leaving him little time to react.

“There were no warning signs or lights, nothing,” said Cheney. “I had about a 40-foot warning, and it just wasn’t enough.”

Cheney, pulling a U-Haul trailer with all his belongings, slammed into the vehicle and the trailer separated from his truck and flipped three or four times before coming to a stop. 

The passenger side window broke out as a result of the accident and Sarge jumped through the window and ran away. According to Cheney, Sarge is wearing a camoflage collar with no tags. He is very friendly and not a danger to anyone.

The Bunch family from Brashear are keeping an eye out for him, according to Cheney, who took their name from a mailbox near the scene, and later looked them up. And Tracy, a waitress at the Pit Grill next to the Royal Inn where he is staying, has offered to drive him around to look for Sarge this afternoon. 

“He’s my whole world. He’s my best friend,” said Cheney who doesn’t want to have to leave the area without him. “He’s been with me through thick and thin. I wish he was here with me now.”

Family will be driving in from Arkansas on Wednesday to pick Cheney up and, hopefully, Sarge too. 

“Worse case scenario is I will have to leave without him,” Cheney said. “But I can be reached at my mom’s if he turns up or anyone sees him and can give me information.”

Sarge looks more like a German shepherd than a chow, according to Cheney, who said he is solid brown.

“The only way you know he has chow in him is when you see his purple tongue,” Cheney explained. “I just need help finding him.”

Cheney can be reached Tuesday and Wednesday by calling the Royal Inn at 903-885-0088, room 204. After Wednesday, call Edna Cheney at 870-974-2395.

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