Natural gas scare forces evacuation of Cumby neighborhood
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

Feb. 20, 2006 - Firefighters and law enforcement officers went door to door in the freezing cold Monday morning asking residents of a Cumby neighborhood to leave their homes while authorities worked to determine the cause of a natural gas odor detected in the area and correct the problem.

Right at 10 a.m. Monday sheriff’s officers were advised of a very strong noxious odor near Odom Street. When officials arrived, they called in Hopkins County Hazardous Materials team as the odor was reported to be very strong and smelled of natural gas.

The local gas company was contacted regarding the suspected gas leak or ruptured line and law enforcement, assisted by Hopkins County and Cumby firefighters began going door to door down Odom Street and the two neighboring streets asking occupants to please vacate their homes at least temporarily until the problem and full potential of danger could be identified.

Officers then went into each structure, extinguishing pilot lights and any other fires or potential sources of sparks to reduce potential danger while the residents were loaded onto a bus and taken to the temporary shelter established in the gym at Cumby school, according to Hopkins County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Rickey Morgan.

Hopkins County Emergency Medical Services, along with firefighters were on standby nearby with medical supplies.

Once gas company officials arrived, it was determined the threat was minimal, identifying a small pipe problem which was not thought to represent a continued danger.

About one hour later, the residents who had been evacuated were allowed to return to their homes.

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