Police receive reports of telephone scams
Citizens reminded not to give out account info
Kerry Craig | News-Telegram Assistant Editor

Feb. 2, 2006 -- There is no set season for scams or con games, but it seems like it comes along about every six months. The most recent and one of the more common scams involves a telephone call, purportedly from a person's bank, wanting account information, according to Sulphur Springs Police Capt. Norman Colyer.

"I have had three people contact me within the last week about people calling, saying they are from a bank and wanting an account number so they can fix some kind of mistake or mishap they have had in the bank," the captain said. "It is the same old thing. It just comes through here every once in a while."

The most recent callers had accents that would indicate they were not from this area, according to Colyer.

"These people that are calling are not from Sulphur Springs. They are probably not even in the country," he said. "It is real easy to get phone lists, or they may have machines that just dial one number after another.

"People just do not need to give information out over the phone if they don't know who they are talking to," he said. "If they actually think there is a problem at the bank and it is someone from the bank calling, the easiest thing to do is hang up the phone and call the bank back."

Colyer suggested talking to someone the person knows by phone or going to the bank, but do not give out personal information over the telephone to someone that you do not know.

"Be very, very careful," he said. "These people that are doing these calls have nothing but to try to scam folks ... they are cons and real convincing, so we just need to be real careful about doing that."

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