Fellow teachers, staff pay tribute to educator who died in August crash
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

Dec. 21, 2006 - Tuesday was an especially emotional afternoon at Travis Elementary School as staff and faculty members paid tribute to a member of their "teaching family" who died in a multi-vehicle crash in August.

Holly Kay White may have been a teacher at Travis for only 5 years, but her fellow educators considered her a long-time member of their family, one they won't soon forget.

�"We appreciated her so very much; she was extra-important to the children," said Travis Principal Allison Wilson during a ceremony Tuesday. "We were all touched by her presence."

Wilson then unveiled a parking sign with the former fourth grade teacher's picture. The space at the front of the building is "Reserved for Employee of the Month, in Loving Memory of Holly Kay White."

"We dedicate this today to the loving memory of Holly Kay White who truly was a gifted educator, daughter, sister and sister-in-law," Wilson said.

White's parents, David and Cindy White, and brother and sister-in-law Heath and Bobbie were present for the unveiling. Wilson also presented the family with a tribute book which included a message from school employees describing White and what she meant to each of them

"Every employee has written a thought about what Holly meant to them," Wilson said. "I call it your 'hugs,' something you can hold, hug deeply to you

"I have been amazed by the outpouring of love and meaning of what all people had to say bout Holly," said David White, Holly's father. "We really love and are touched for the love you had for Holly."

He went on to note how grateful and proud they are to know, from comments from parents, students, adults and "people who don't know us," that their daughter's "life made a difference."

"Thank you so much. She loved the staff and school. She loved ya'll so much. You all are her extended family," Cindy White said of her daughter.

The school principal returned the sentiment.

"You are part of our extended family, too, and always will be. You are also always welcome here at Travis. God bless you all, and we love y'all" Wilson said, as she and other staff members engulfed Holly's family in a hug of support.

Wilson also said during the tribute that a park bench in Holly's memory will be installed in the springs on the playground at Travis for staff and students to enjoy.

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