Middle school student sent to alternative class after report of terroristic threat made
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

Dec. 8, 2006 - A Sulphur Springs Middle School student has been placed in alternative classes as a disciplinary measure after making a threat against another student.

Sulphur Springs Independent School District security officials filed a report with police earlier this week regarding the terroristic threat.

The incident occurred off campus at a non-school event. Three middle school student allegedly threatened to bring a gun to the middle school campus and harm the other student.

Sulphur Springs Middle School Principal Shawn Sinclair said Wednesday afternoon it is not necessarily uncommon for students to make threats against classmates.

�Terroristic threats can be anything from a false fire alarm to something else,� Sinclair said, declining to discuss the specifics of the case.

The student has been removed from the middle school campus as a precaution, according to SSISD Superintendent Patsy Bolton.

Bolton said she visited with the student’s grandmother, who told her the male teen “didn’t mean it.” But such incidents are taken very seriously in this day and age.

�We have to get across to the student that, even if he didn�t mean it, it�s not acceptable,� Bolton said. �With our society like it is these days, there are more cases of students acting aggressive toward each other. In the past, we didn�t pay as much attention to these types of threats. In light of some recent events at other schools, we can�t ignore them.�

Any time a student says they are “going to kill, shoot or blow up” someone or something at school, even in jest, school policies dictate the district take preventive action. Even comments made off of school property, as is alleged in this case, are taken seriously by the district.

If the threat is to occur at school or at a school function, the district is required to investigate and take action, the superintendent explained.

�We don�t tolerate them in our district,� she said.

As for any extra security measures, Bolton said special training was being provided to some school officials.

�We�ve been beefing up security all week long,� she said. �Specific staff have had two days of training. They they go back to each of the schools to teach what they�ve learned.�

The district is still in the process of conducting security audits at campuses to determine the best way to improve security, a process started earlier this year

�This has been an ongoing process this fall. You�ll remember earlier,� we locked the elementary doors. Now people enter through the front door only,� Bolton said.

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