Police catch car burglar in the act
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

August 28, 2006 - Police took a 28-year-old into custody early Sunday morning after catching him breaking into a vehicle parked behind a Church Street residence. The Sulphur Springs man is also being investigated as a suspect in a Davis Street burglary which was reported only moments before he broke into the car, according to police reports.

Police were first alerted Sunday to the man by residents in the 600 block of Church Street who reported being awakened when the man attempted to enter their home then broke into their car. The residents said the noise of someone trying the locked doorknobs woke them up. They got up and found the man entering their car.

When police arrived the man was still in the car, which was parked behind their Church Street house. Officers ordered the man out of the car at gunpoint. He was taken in custody and found to have several hundred dollars in cash in his possession.

He told police he had entered the car looking for a lighter to light his cigarette. Officers found cigarettes in the car. When asked how much money he had on him, he named a sum between $200 and $300, then recanted and said maybe a hundred more. A count showed him to have in excess of $500, including some two dollar bills, which may be tied to a Davis Street burglary.

The Davis Street resident, who similarly was awakened by a noise, said she found a man standing over a jewelry box in her room, she reported several hundred dollars including a few two dollar bills, a ring, a bottle of prescription pain medication and her purse missing. When the intruder saw her, he took off. She called police at 4:49 a.m. Sunday.

The woman's purse and credit cards were later found in the garbage behind the Church Street residence.

Police took the 28-year-old Sulphur Spring man to jail for burglary of a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor offense. Officers were still investigating, trying to determine whether or not the man was involved in the Davis Street house burglary. He was arraigned later Sunday, and released after posting $2,000 bond, according to police and jail reports. As of Monday at noon he had not been charged in connection with the house burglary.

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