David Gholson fires two 700s; center's total goes to 163
Larry Mason

April 25, 2006 - Dave Gholson accounted for two of the five 700 series rolled at Classic Lanes this week. The remaining three came from Michael Carter, Bruce Michaelson and Mike Fletcher. Four bowlers came very close to hitting 700, but were a few pins shy of the mark. Wes Campbell and Joe Kirkpatrick both rolled 697s, while Jason Keller shot a 693 and Tommy Fletcher collected a 692. 

There was no Sunday league action this week because of Easter weekend. Fifty-six bowlers took the night off, meaning the center had 56 fewer opportunities for 700s. Dave Gholson might have had a third 700 series this week, had this league competed. 

As it was, Gholson did pretty well. On Tuesday night, he rolled a 720 series comprised of games of 228, 257 and 235, then on Thursday night, he tossed a 711 series made up of games of 222, 232 and 257. For the week, Gholson carried a 238 average. David averages 207 on Thursdays, 203 on Tuesdays and 202 on Sundays. Gholson’s Thursday night average ranks 13th on the high average board. Dave’s highest series is a 726, which holds 21st place on the high series chart, tying him with two others. Gholson has a high game of 288, tying him for sixth place on the high game list. Gholson is our gas guy. He delivers for the Welding store.    

Michael Carter, son of center owner’s, Paul and Debbie, produced the best single 700 series of the week. Michael rolled games of 248, 236 and 289 on Tuesday, finishing the night with a 773 series, just 27 pins away from the 800 honor series mark. Carter raised his Tuesday’s average to a 214, moving into seventh place on the high average board. Michael’s best series this season is a 782, which holds fifth place on the high series chart. His highest game this season is a 289, a feat he has accomplished on two different occasions. But for a single pin in both cases, these might have been honor scores. Michael is an employee of L3 in Greenville, and is the most eligible bachelor in East Texas. 

Another L3 employee, Bruce Michaelson, came through with the week’s second highest series, a 725, rolled on Thursday evening. Bruce rolled games of 233, 235 and 257. The series raised Michaelson’s average to 220, placing him in a three-way tie on the high average board. Michaelson’s highest series is a 746, which holds 15th place on the high series board. Bruce is one of the five individuals who have rolled a perfect game this season. The others are Joe Kirkpatrick, Larry Stovall, Ray Howser and Mark Smith. Michaelson shot a 691 series on Tuesday, rolling games of 257, 206 and 228 in the process.  

Mike Fletcher, another of our bowlers from Greenville, raised his average to a 223 after this week’s play, which moved him back into sole possession of first place on the high average board. He had been tied with center maintenance guru, Wes Campbell, at 222. To raise his average, Fletcher shot a 720 series on Thursday, with games of 279, 249 and 192. This week’s 700 series is Mike’s 10th of the season. His best, a 768, places him ninth on the high series chart. Fletcher’s top game is a 280, which holds ninth on the high game list.

Speaking of Wes Campbell, he came very close to getting his 18th 700 series of the season on Tuesday, but had to settle for a 697. Wes rolled games of 258, 239 and 200. Wes holds second place on the high average board, has the center’s highest series of the season, an 806 honor score, and has a 298 honor game, which ranks ties him for third on the high game list.      

Joe Kirkpatrick matched Campbell, shooting a 697 on Tuesday, as well.  To get his series, Joe shot games of 184, 255 and 258. Kirkpatrick is averaging 213 on Tuesday, and ranks 13th on the high average board. Joe’s highest series is a 772, which ranks eighth on the high series chart. This week’s series is Joe’s 11th 700 series of the season. Kirkpatrick not only has one of those five perfect games thrown at the center this season, but also has a 298 honor game as well. 

Jason Keller tossed a 693 series on Tuesday, rolling games of 225, 233 and 235. Keller is averaging 219 on Thursday, 218 on Tuesday and 216 on Sunday. He ranks fourth on the high average board. Keller has rolled a 700 series 17 times this season. Keller ranks second on the high game list with a 299 honor game. 

Tommy Fletcher is Mike Fletcher’s brother. He holds a 204 average on Thursday, which ties him for 15th place on the high average board. Tommy’s best series of the season is a 693, which places him in 39th position on the high series chart. He ranks 19th on the high game list with a 265. 

Deana Hale led the ladies this week, with a 603 series, thrown on Monday night. Deana tossed games of 151, 213 and 239. Deana holds the fourth-best average among the ladies with a 182, has the ladies’ second-best series, a 657, and has the ladies’ second-highest game, a 269. 

Tina Phillips averages 160 on Mondays. This week, she averaged 198, shooting 114 pins over her series average with a 594 series. Tina shot games of 211, 169 and 214. 

Melva Schugart totes a 113 average on Mondays, but this week she finished the night with a 149 average, 109 pins over her series average.  Melva shot games of 156, 138 and 154. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Cliff Whitney (683), Tarry Davison (676), Koy Cline (659), Jeff Haley (654), Mike Gilliland (652 Tuesday/619 Thursday), Chad Dailey (652), Vincent Smith (651), Brad Stone (648), Clinton Cline (643), and Mark Smith (642).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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