Commissioner slates second go-round of clean-up project
Precinct 2 residents will be able to get rid of unwanted trash
Kerry Craig | News-Telegram Assistant Editor

April 23, 2006 -- Hopkins County Precinct 2 residents will have the opportunity in the coming week to get rid of that trash that has been piling up over the past year in what has become an annual clean-up program

Residents in the southeast quadrant of the county can drop off the unwanted refuse at the Precinct 2 Maintenance Yard, located two miles east of Como on State Highway 11. The gates to the maintenance site will be open from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Thursday, April 27, through Saturday, April 29, according to Precinct 2 Commissioner Burke Bullock.

The commissioner started the project last year in an effort to reduce the amount of trash, tires and old appliances that have been dumped in road ditches, creeks and streams.

"We are trying to accept everything except dead animals," Bullock said. "If we don't accept it, they are going to throw it into the ditch."

Furniture, mattresses, lumber, and lawn equipment will be accepted at no charge, as well as limbs, leaves, brush and lumber.  The same applies to paper, concrete, bricks, tin, scrap iron and wire.

While most of the items of debris and refuse will be accepted at no charge, Bullock said a fee will be charged for some items, especially tires.

"Last year we accepted 500 to 600 tires, and there is a disposal fee for tires -- even for us," he said. "I cannot use the tires in any of my operations. I had wanted to use them to stabilize a ditch, but I can't. It's illegal.

The fee for 16-inch tires and smaller will be $3 each. For 16- to 20-inch tires the charge is $5. For tires over 20 inches, the fee will be $25.

"If it is a big tractor tire, it's going to cost even more," Bullock said.

A $5 fee will be charged for cook stoves, microwaves, washers, driers and television sets. Air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers will also be accepted for a $5 fee, but Bullock stipulated the freon be removed.

"We are not accepting this if [freon] is not removed. It's illegal to," the commissioner said.

Carpet, shingles, tar paper and sheet rock brought to the clean-up will be charged at the rate of $10 per cubic yard.

Disposal fees must be paid before the refuse is unloaded and a driver's license will be required as proof of residency in Precinct 2.

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