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Is it Actually Over? 

By: The Quilt Lady, Billie Ruth Standbridge

Nancy Sloan won an Elna Quilt Dream machine from Elna and Charlotte’s Quilting Web for taking “Best of Show” at the Fall Festival Quilt Show. Charlotte and Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild President Jan Bartley look on.

Sept. 18, 2005 - A year’s worth of planning, quilting, working, marketing, quilting, advertising, fund raising, quilting, and you see how this is going. Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze our quilting in between all the preparations. A quality annual quilt show is a major undertaking, and based on our attendance and the quality of quilts that are shown, we continue to improve each year. We had our first Auction Quilt Preview, our first formal Awards Presentation, the first time to have lecture and demonstrations at our show, and the first time to have our Featured Quilt to be something local that was produced by public participation. I hope you got a chance to see your own work in our beautiful cancer memorial quilt. 

At the end of the day we were thrilled, exhausted, rewarded, and even guilty of patting ourselves on the back. But, I guess no one is more grateful that the show is over than our husbands. Some husbands actually take a physical role, while others wait patiently for life to get back to normal. But, I must say, that without Deanna Hasten’s family, I’m not sure how we’d ever get our show set up. It is one wild evening to accommodate vendors setting up while hanging over 130 quilts. But, luckily, it all comes together. If we greeted you with smiles, but looking a bit harried, I’m sure you can understand why. But, before listing our elated winners, I want to thank the ever growing backing we are getting from the community that contributes so much to the success of our show and provides the means of rewarding the tremendous efforts of the quilters. Thank you, Quilt Award sponsors, Auction Quilt buyers, and our ongoing appreciation to those who attend our show each year. 

The following are the winners listed first, second, third and honorable mentions, respectfully, in each category: 

Bed Quilts (machine): Jan Morrison, Pamela Hodapp, Nancy Sloan, Freeman Rue, Jan Bartley 

Bed Quilts (hand quilted): Nancy Sloan, Sally Ashbacher, Millie Stone, Betty Shipley

Bed Quilts (applique): Sally Ashbacher, Brenda Jeschke, Rose Hillsamer, Joy Rutledge

Wall Quilts (machine): Lois Shannon, Denise Givney, Jo Ann Cross, Nancy Sloan

Wall Quilts (hand quilted): Elna White, Brenda Jeschke, Diana Harder, Jack Bain

Wall Quilts (applique): Joy Rutledge, Diana Harder, Gwen Karney

Miniatures: Bettie Hammock, Brenda Jeschke, Bettie Hammock, Ann Billington, M.J. Fielek, Bettie Hammock, Jan Morrison

First Quilt: Ethel Winton, Justin Peyton, Wilma Moss, Gwen Reynolds, James Morrison, Linnie Randel, Billie Ruth Standbridge, Rennee Whillock

Other Techniques: Jan Morrison, Elaine Sprague, Delores Miller, Billie Ruth Standbridge

Previous Winners: Bettie Hammock, M.J. Fielek, Pat McCarroll, Barbara Booth, Pat McCarroll

Previous Hand Quilt Winners: Sue Soetenga, Pebble Rehm

Previous Applique Winners: Sue Soetenga, Nancy Sloan, Sue Soetenga

Antique — Gold Winner: Brenda White, Frank Rettmann, Greg Walker

Antique — Honorable Mentions: Wilma Moss and Penny Spearman

Special Quilters Awards: Doris Roberts, quilter of Jan Morrison's winning bed quilt; Nancy Sloan, quilter of her own winning bed quilt and winning hand quilt; Richard Larson, quilter of Sally Ashbacher bed quilt applique; Doris Roberts, quilter of Lois Shannon wall quilt; and Patsy Hawkins, quilter of Elna White wall quilt hand.

Best Of Show: Nancy Sloan

Judge's Choice: Sally Ashbacher

President's Choice: Mildred Rensch 

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