Pesticides stored improperly in most homes 
By Larry Spradlin | Extension Agent/Agriculture

I had some interesting facts that I wanted to share this morning concerning pesticides and child safety. A recent survey conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding pesticides used in and around the home revealed some significant findings.

1. Almost half of all households with children under the age of five had at least one pesticide stored in an UNLOCKED cabinet less than four feet off the ground, which is within the reach of children.

2. Approximately 75 percent of households without children under the age of 5 also stored pesticides in an UNLOCKED cabinet, again less than four feet off the ground. These numbers are very significant because 13 percent of all pesticide poisoning incidents occur in homes other than the child's home.

3. Bathrooms and kitchens were cited as the areas in the home most likely to have improperly stored pesticides — for example, common household pesticides such as roach sprays, chlorine bleach, disinfectants, insect sprays, repellents, and pet shampoo and flea and tick products.

All of these products, plus others such as swimming pool products and lawn products such as weed killers, also are products that can potentially cause poisoning if not used properly.

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