City Manager's Report


The following is the monthly report given by Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell to the City Council at its Sept. 6 meeting:

KATRINA EVACUEES — My heart goes out to the thousands of victims left homeless and grieving in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I cannot begin to imagine the difficulty of their ordeal. I can only hope that the efforts of the agencies and people of this nation and of this great state will adequately provide for their basic needs. Perhaps the great outpouring of compassion from countless citizens will, in some small measure, assuage their grief.

The emergency shelter at Wesley United Methodist Church currently houses about 130 evacuees. Over the weekend the shelter housed as many as 230 people. Some people are finding homes or apartments locally, but most that have left have gone to live with relatives or friends. Local hotels house another 70 evacuees. Other evacuees may arrive at the shelter over the coming days and weeks.

If you haven’t been to the local shelter, you should go see the operation. In terms of quality and services provided, it rivals any shelter anywhere. I offer my heartfelt thanks to the people of Wesley United Methodist Church, Lieutenant Rex Morgan and the many volunteers and employees who are doing an outstanding job. In addition to food, shelter and clothing, the operation also makes several other services available on site — medical services, employment assistance, housing assistance, etc.

HIGHLAND SEWER — This project replaces two sewer lines which pass through the backyards of homes on Hillcrest, Highland and Woodcrest. The project is about 50 percent completed. The contractor has installed the new sewer line between Hillcrest and Highland, and he is currently installing the sewer line between Highland and Woodcrest. The contractor is utilizing “trenchless” technology to minimize the impact to homeowners. The project has a budget of $181,597.

LAMAR SEWER — This project replaces 1,050 feet of sewer line between Lamar and Jackson parallel to the drainage ditch. The Capital Construction Division has completed the project. The budget for the project was $58,531.

LEE STREET DRAINAGE — The Capital Construction Division has begun construction on a new underground drainage system between Lee Street and South Town Branch. The project has a budgeted cost of $62,000.

ACCIDENTS AND CLAIMS — We had two minor liability claims in August. A motorist claims $125 in damages allegedly caused by the new street surface on Davis Street. Another motorist claims to have struck an open hole on Bellview causing damage to the vehicle. Both claims are pending with the Texas Municipal League. 

We had three workers compensation claims in August. One employee suffered heat exhaustion, another cut his hand, and another had a bad case of poison ivy. In each instance, the employee recovered and returned to work after a few days.

REMAINING CIP PROJECTS — The table below shows the progress of our CIP program year-to-date. Items highlighted in gray are completed. 

MISCELLANEOUS — Elsewhere around the city, employees:

--Set up school zone flashing lights for the new school year.

--Maintained pumps for Coleman Park waterfalls.

--Maintained airport beacon.

--Repaired 20 sewer mains and services.

--Cleaned 39,600’ of sewer mains.

--Unstopped 54 sewer mains.

--Installed 7 water taps and replaced 27 water meters.

--Replaced small 2 sections of 8-inch water mains.

--Repaired 54 water main breaks.

--Replaced 5 fire hydrants.

--Produced wastewater effluent with a total suspended solids count of only 0.94 parts per million.

--Repaired lightning damage at the water treatment plant.

--Performed preventative maintenance on water treatment clarifiers and other equipment.

--Attended training for water treatment plant operators.

--Cleared poison ivy from areas around soccer fields.

--Prepared soccer fields for opening of soccer season.

--Shredded north end of Coleman Park.

--Aerated soccer fields.

--Distributed 2,884 meals to seniors.

--Served 933 seniors at the Senior Citizens Center. (various club activities, etc.)

--Attended conference on crimes against children.

--Attended training on the National Incident Management System.

--Conducted a full scale Strategic national Stockpile drill (plague drill).

--Purchased three squad cars with money confiscated from drug dealers.

--Seized 1 pound of cocaine and 3 pounds of marijuana resulting in 3 arrests.

--Worked 60 accidents, made 100 arrests, wrote 481 citations, and recorded 82 offenses.

--Processed 481 new  cases through the municipal court.

--Made 37 significant street repairs and patched numerous potholes.

--Swept 14 streets.

--Set a new stop sign at Magnolia and Hinnant.

--Conducted 43 health inspections, and 93 public nuisance inspections.

--Conducted 36 building inspections, 45 electrical inspections, 46 plumbing inspections, 21 mechanical inspections and issued 30 building permits.

--Abated two substandard structures, bringing the total to 329.

--Constructed a cul-de-sac at the recently closed Magnolia Street railroad crossing.

--Installed 400 feet of sewer line on the eastern side of the Coca-Cola warehouse.

--Installed 700 feet of sewer line in the civic center property.  Hopkins County paid for materials.

--Began surveying for Tate Street project.

--Held a very successful Anne Frank exhibit at the Library.

--Checked out 11,055 books, tapes, etc.

--Served 1,137 computer users at the library.

--Responded to 126 fire calls.

--Conducted 53 fire inspections.

--Maintained 123 fire hydrants.

--Repaired eight street signs.

--Responded to three structure fires.

--Took in 91 dogs and cats at the animal shelter, and found homes for 30.  Also released 18 to their owners.

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