QUILT CORNER: Kids like quilting too 
By The Quilt Lady:  Billie Ruth Standbridge 
Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild 

Oct. 16, 2005 - Exposing the beauty of quilts to children has been an interest of the quilt guild for some time. Frank Smith had acquainted us with the fact that the acoustics in the children's reading room in the new library presented a dire need for something on the walls to help absorb the sound. Because the ceiling was extremely high, we came up with doing 10-foot long quilted banners throughout the room that had varied themes, ranging from color themes to seasonal themes. The next time you're in the library, pop in to the children's section.  I think you'll enjoy what we've done. 

Our latest contribution to the children's section was begun a year ago at the 2004 Fall Festival in the Children's Corner under the direction of Danna Darty. Danna told me that she wanted to design a very simple signature quilt that children could easily sew. The colors were selected with her daughter in mind, who enjoys bright colors, and were then placed randomly in the quilt. She indicated that at first, the children didn't know quite what to do. But as the table filled up with children sewing, the more other children wanted to participate. Most had never sewn before, but with just a few instructions, they were able to sew the basic stitch. The younger ones could write (or scribble) their names and pick out the colors that they wanted for their square, and Danna, at a later date, would sew these for them. The average age that really persevered and finished the square was approximately 10 to 12.  There were some young teens, however, that really enjoyed making theirs! She also found that the boys (ages 6 to 10) really got into sewing! Their female peers were more apt to give up after the first two strips of sewing. Each child was to pay a dollar; however, some children brought in their friends from outside to sew with them and didn't have any money, but naturally, Danna included them, too, so that friends could share the experience.  

By the time Danna had completed assembling the quilt, there were 70 squares and they had generated $70, at a $1 per square, to donate to the library. Preceding the 2005 Fall Festival Quilt Show Awards Presentation evening, Danna Darty presented to Amy Davidson, the Youth Services Librarian, the brilliantly colored quilt with all of the children's names and drawings. The quilt is currently covering a table in the children's section of the library at a level that all of the children can see and examine the quilt closely and pick out their own name or perhaps that of a friend. 

While you young quilters are at the library looking the quilt over, there's something else special to check out. There are numerous new quilt books for children, donated by members of the Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild, that contain many interesting quilt designs, as well as stories that go with the quilt information. This would be something especially meaningful for grandparents to share with grandchildren. 

Kids, you may not realize it, but all of your grandparents probably have quilt stories to share with you. Maybe the following would be books you could share together. The following are brand new books that have just come in:  "The Quilt-Block History of Pioneer Days with Projects Kids Can Make" by Mary Cobb; "Quilt of Dreams" by Mindy Dwyer; "Quilt Counting" by Lesa Cline-Ransome;  "A, B Quilt Alphabet" by Lesa Cline-Ransome; and "The Quilt; by Ann Jones. 

Children 6 years of age and older are welcome to the quilt guild meetings, if accompanied by a family member. Our meeting time is after school every fourth Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Center. Mothers and grandmothers, all of the above listed books will be at the meeting available for the children to look at. See you there. The" Welcome" sign will be out.

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