Traffic stops yield 90 lbs. of marijuana,  two arrests
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

November 16, 2005 - Two unrelated traffic stops Tuesday and early Wednesday by state troopers yielded 90 pounds of marijuana, two drug pipes, a felony amount of methamphetamine and two felony arrests.

Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper David Reynolds was credited with the arrest of a 35-year-old Cromwell, Ind., man on felony drug charges after finding  90 pounds of marijuana concealed in his vehicle.

Reynolds stopped the green Chevrolet Astro driven by Gary Lee Stuckman at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday after the eastbound van sped past the the 131 mile marker on Interstate 30.

The trooper became suspicious after Stuckman gave “fabricated answers” and “showed signs of criminal activity” when speaking with the officer. Reynolds asked and was given Stuckman’s permission to search the van. After an “echo test” on the gas tank indicated the possible presence of contraband, Reynolds contacted Sulphur Springs Police Sgt. Buddy Williams, who also conducted an echo test with like results, Reynolds noted in his reports.

Williams then used a fiber optic scope to view what appeared to be several bundles in the fuel tank. The police officer also ran his canine partner, Atos, on the van. Atos gave a positive alert on the vehicle.

A search of the van turned up a marijuana pipe, resulting in Stuckman being arrested at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday for possession of drug paraphernalia. A more thorough search of the gas panel turned up 14 bundles of what was believed to be marijuana, resulting in Stuckman also being charged for possession of marijuana. The contraband weighed in at about 90 pounds, making the marijuana offense a second-degree felony charge, according to arrest reports.

In an unrelated traffic stop which occurred at the 116 mile marker on I-30 just before noon Tuesday, State Trooper Bruce Roberts took Charles Edward Clowers, 47, of Haworth, Okla., in custody for felony possession of a controlled substance.

Roberts stopped Clowers at 11:55 a.m. Tuesday for speeding in a 1994 truck-tractor semi-trailer. Clowers was noted by the trooper to be unusually nervous, arousing the trooper’s suspicions of possible illegal conduct.

A frisk of Clowers turned up a drug pipe in his back pocket. After being read his rights, the Oklahoma truck driver admitted he had drugs in his front pocket as well. Less than a gram of methamphetamine and a marijuana cigarette were retrieved from Clowers’ front pants pocket, according to arrest reports.

Clowers was arrested for felony possession of the controlled substance methamphetamine. He was not charged in connection with the drug paraphernalia and marijuana, according to jail records.

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