NHWSC asks customers to halt outside watering
Kerry Craig | News-Telegram Assistant Editor

June 29, 2005 -- North Hopkins Water Supply Corporation customers are being to asked to stop all outside watering until further notice, according to Billy Emerson, manager of the corporation, who said the problem is not a shortage of water, but an inability to get water into storage tanks.

"We have got some tanks we can't keep full," Emerson said. "That makes the pressure so low people can't take a bath."

As the water levels in the elevated tanks drops, so does the amount of water pressure at the customer's water tap.

"We've got just two elevated tanks and we will get them up about 10 feet, and when people get in from work in the evening they go to watering and it just sucks [the water level] back out," Emerson said.

North Hopkins Water Supply Corporation buys treated water from the city of Sulphur Springs. City of Sulphur Springs water treatment officials say there is plenty of water, but pump problems at the Cooper Lake intake are limiting the plant to about seven million gallons of raw water a day.

One of the city's two raw water pumps is inoperative, and electricians are working to try and resolve the problem and get the second pump back into service.

The city water department spokesman said his plant was only able to maintain adequate levels in the city's storage tanks due to the pump problems.

The extremely dry and hot conditions have increased the demand on water systems beyond normal levels for this time of year, according to Emerson.

"Our demand is about twice what it was this time last year. We used 929,000 gallons Tuesday, and the same date last year we used 460,000," Emerson said.

The notice asks North Hopkins Water Corporation customers to stop all outside watering "until further notice." Emerson said the water corporation was working with engineers to find a way to maintain adequate levels in its storage tanks.

"We may have to put in an in-line booster pump," he said. "That is a temporary fix, that is all that is."

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