First Baptist Church pastor takes pie in the face for a good cause
Patti Sells | News-Telegram Feature Editor

June 24, 2005 - Dr. Bob McCartney, pastor of First Baptist Church, savored the sweet taste of victory this morning as youngsters participating this week in the church’s Ramblin Road Trip Vacation Bible School met his challenge to raise $1000 by Friday morning to purchase playground equipment for an upcoming mission trip to an inner-city church in Milwaukee, Wis.

The newly appointed pastor promised the children Monday morning, the first day of Bible school, that he would take a pie in the face if they could raise the needed funds by the end of the week.

“We gave them a project to help other kids, and I think that really motivated them to respond,” said McCartney, a minister for 15 years, who came to FBC in January by way of Shreveport, La. “ I think when they realized they were going to help other kids who didn’t have some of the things they have, it really motivated them, and they showed a lot of compassion. And me getting a pie in the face may have had a little something to do with it, too.”

Another way the church experienced success in numbers was by way of attendance, according to McCartney, who said they had over 700 children at Vacation Bible School each day.

The large turnout “evidently played a part” in helping the children meet the challenge.

“They’ve been telling me all week long that I was going to get it,” Bro. McCartney laughed. “They raided their parents’ wallets and stole all their dads’ change, I guess. They don’t know this, but I would have taken a pie in the face for whatever amount they came up with. It’s a good cause.”

A group of 35 church members will leave on Sunday, June 26, for a four-day mission trip that will take them to Milwaukee, where the group will split into four teams in order to help four different churches throughout the city. Northwest Baptist Church will be the recipients of the new playground equipment that church members will assemble.

“Last year we prepared a preschool room for the church,” said Carolyn McKinney, who oversees preschoolers at FBC and will be taking part in this year’s trip as well.

According to Brit Fisher, minister to children at FBC, this is the seventh year the church has gone to Milwaukee.

“We go to help churches that can’t afford to hire people to do things for them such as roofing, painting, building — anything we can do to help.”

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