Pacific Park’s new liquid asset opens
Kerry Craig | News-Telegram Assistant Editor

June 3, 2005 - Children from several day care centers had the opportunity to give the city’s new “Splash Park” its first workout Friday morning.

City Council member Freddie Taylor said the opening of the spray ground at Pacific Park was a great day for the city.

“I am glad we have got it going on right here with the spray park,” Taylor said. “This is really a great thing for this park, this community and this city. This is just another tool we have to unite the community to let them know there is no specific park for any specific race — this is a public park for anyone to utilize and take advantage of.”

The water park was built using a similar facility in Rockwall as a pattern, but at much less cost to the city. The Rockwall park cost in excess of $100,000 to build, but city crews were able to construct the facility for considerably less than half that cost, according to Mayor Chris Brown.

“I think this is a great addition to our park,” Mayor Chris Brown said. “I think city staff deserves a lot of credit for this.”

When the idea of the spray park was first brought to the attention of the Sulphur Springs City Council, the first concern was how to fund the construction. The money was found during a council meeting last year, and Place 7 Councilwoman Lydia Bryant was quick to seize the opportunity.

“Amazingly enough, we found some money one night at a council meeting, and I jumped in there before anybody had a chance to think of a good reason to say ‘No,’” Bryant said.

Children using the park have only to turn a wheel on one of the toys to turn the water on. Once water starts running, it sprays from a number of different places before cycling to still other activities sure to keep youngsters cool on a hot day.

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