Hopkins County officers teaming up with other agencies in multi-county 'Warrant Round-up'
Kerry Craig | News-Telegram Assistant Editor

July 6, 2005 -- Law enforcement officers in Hopkins, Hunt and other nearby areas are teaming up in a multi-county "Warrant Round-Up" to make arrests in the coming weeks.

By midday Friday, as many as 100 Hunt County residents may find themselves under arrest for outstanding fines, fees and court costs and headed for jail, and Hopkins County residents who have legal problems such as outstanding warrants are being warned that the clock is ticking, according to Hunt County Warrant Officer Joe Knight.

"We have had contact with many Hopkins County and Sulphur Springs residents and many have failed to live up to their commitments," Knight said. "Officers from Hunt County will be in Hopkins County beginning Thursday, July 21, and will be contacting wanted persons at their home or place of business."

Officers from the Sulphur Springs Police Department and the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office will be assisting their Hunt County counterparts, making arrests and seeing that offenders are transported back to Hunt County.

Sulphur Springs Police Chief Jim Bayuk said city warrants officer Lt. Ben Dickson and several other officers will take part in the roundup.

"We are going to team up with Hunt County and help them serve some active warrants for some people who live here, then Hunt County is going to help us out," Bayuk said. "It is kind of a multi-county warrant roundup on outstanding tickets."

Bayuk urged people with outstanding city warrants to contact the municipal court as soon as possible to avoid being arrested during the roundup.

"Some people will receive notification letters, some already have received those letters, and some will not receive any letters at all," Knight said. "If you have failed to pay a ticket or appear in court, if you have failed to make restitution for an insufficient funds check, if you entered into a payment agreement with a Hunt County Court and failed to complete it for any reason, you very well may find yourself the target of this roundup."

More information can be obtained by calling the Hunt County Office of Warrant Assistance, 903-455-5739, or by logging on to www.warrantassist.com.

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