Raging bull, hit by truck, tramples deputy
From Staff Reports

Jan. 14, 2005 -- A Hopkins County sheriff's deputy sustained bruises, scrapes and an ankle injury after a tussle with a bull which charged him after the animal was run over by an 18-wheeler early Friday morning.

Cpl. Eddie Moon was checked by hospital personnel, and placed on sick leave for a few days to allow him time to recover from his injuries.

Moon and a reserve deputy were patrolling on State Highway 19 when Sulphur Springs police were dispatched to a call at the intersection of SH 19 and Interstate 30, where a cow was reportedly causing a traffic hazard around 2 a.m. A witness near the location also detained the sheriff's deputies to make them aware the bull was loose on the road and heading toward the interstate.

Since police had yet to arrive, the deputies responded. Noticing an 18-wheeler entering the exit ramp, the deputies flashed their lights to make the truck driver aware of the bovine heading up the ramp toward his rig. The truck stopped in time to avoid what was said to be a large bull, but the animal continued toward the interstate.

Moon, who was in the passenger seat, exited the sheriff's patrol vehicle and headed toward the interstate in an attempt to redirect the animal. Unfortunately, the bull ran straight into an oncoming 18-wheeler. The truck ran over the bull, but the animal got up and began running toward the deputy.

The bull then trampled over Moon, who shot the animal several times with his .45-cal. handgun. When the animal did not stop, the reserve deputy then fired at the bull numerous times, killing it.

Moon was taken to the hospital, treated, then released on Friday. He is expected to require at least four days to recover from injuries before returning to work. The 18-wheeler was noted to have also sustained some damages as a result of the collision with the bull.

Sheriff's officials said late Friday morning they were still unsure who owns the cow.

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