4-H Enrollment
By Sotero Ramirez | Extension Agent/4-H

August 14, 2005 - 4-H wants you! If you are interested in being involved with other youths, completing some great activities, and having loads of fun, 4-H is the place for you! 4-H will be doing enrollment from Sept. 1 to Sept. 30 for anyone interested. We have a number of great activities and projects plan for the 2005-2006 4-H year. Here are some quick answers to questions about 4-H:

• What do I have to do to join 4-H? Complete an Enrollment Form . Enrollment forms can be obtained at the Texas Cooperative Extension office at 228 Hinnant St., or the can be downloaded at http://hopkins-tx.tamu.edu under "Publications."

• Do I have to have an animal to be in 4-H? No, Animals are not a requirement for being in 4-H. We are no longer just “Cows & Plows.” There is so much more. Many activities are in leadership, team work, and responsibility, citizenship and development of character. There are projects for everyone.

• What does it cost to become a member? Nothing. 4-H is free membership. All it takes is time to complete the 4-H enrollment form.

• What are the ages for 4-H members? Clover kids, 5-8 years old; Junior members, 8-11 years old; Intermediate members, 12-13 years old; Senior members, 14-18 years old

If you have any more questions please contact me, I would be glad to visit with you!

Back to School

Monday will be time for most to the schools in the county to go back to school. I would like to mention a few things that could help get the whole family off to a good start.

1) Set a routine. Get everyone (including you, the adult) on the "same page" so everyone will know what to do, and when to do it. Youth will respond to a routine, sometimes negatively, but will usually get into the groove and will conform to the time lines you set. Set bedtimes, wake-up times, study time and especially fun time, for the kids. Kids need plenty of rest and recreation time. Don't let them stay up too late or work too hard. Keep a balance of activities and down time.

2) Use a calendar. With all the activities that we have with three kids, a strict calendar must be set. Take a school calendar, sports schedule, or other activities that the kids are in, and write them down on one big calendar at home. This will ensure that you will not miss those important functions that mean so much to you and the kids. This good habit could pass on life-long skills of organization.

3) Be safe. School time means that there are kids everywhere. Watch for them at crosswalks, drop-off locations, exiting buses, etc. Make sure that children will have a place to go after school. There are some great after school programs at churches, Boys & Girls Club or 4-H that could help with those needing some supervision.

I hope that these three basic things can help your family have a great year. For more information, contact the Texas Cooperative Extension Service or the 4-H organization by calling (903) 885-3443.

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