City Manager's Report
Marc Maxwell | Sulphur Springs City manager

The following is the monthly report given by Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell to the City Council at its Aug. 2 meeting:

AUGUST 2, 2005

BELLVIEW/KYLE — This project is finally completed just in time for the school year. The project replaced 600 feet of water line and 2,200 feet of sewer line. The intersection of Kyle and Davis has been reconstructed in reinforced concrete, and Kyle, Bellview and Davis have all received a new plant-mix overlay. The project was budgeted at $160,981 excluding the overlay.

PLANT-MIX OVERLAY -- Our contractor, Drake Construction, is finished placing a plant-mix overlay on streets we previously identified, namely: South Davis, Austin, Parkins, Forrest Lane, North Moore, Moore, Nicholson, Ingram, Ashcroft, Goodman, Debord, Seventh, California, Milligan, Colorado, Fleming, Pollard, Calvert, Alabama, Lundy, Patton, Stacy, Phyllis, Beckham, Alamo, Bowie, Elm, Brinker, Craig, Bellview, Kyle, Kimberly and Michel. This project was budgeted at $400,000.

COMO STREET -- This street received a full 2-inch asphalt overlay this month at a cost of approximately $89,000.

HIGHLAND SEWER -- The contractor for this sewer replacement project is on site and has begun some preliminary work on the project, such as inspecting the lines, etc. I expect the project to begin in earnest this month. The project will replace two sewer lines which pass through the backyards of homes on Hillcrest, Highland and Woodcrest. The contractor will utilize "trenchless" technology to minimize the impact to homeowners. The project has a budget of $181,597.

ACCIDENTS AND CLAIMS -- Lt. Sewell gets the Homer Simpson award for rear-ending another vehicle on the square. There were no injuries. Damage to both vehicles was very minor.

A homeowner claims that the city caused minor damage to his plumbing while cleaning the sewer main. Damages claimed are approximately $300.

We had no Worker's Compensation claims in August.

MISCELLANEOUS -- Elsewhere around the city, employees:

  • Made 79 arrests
  • Worked 51 accidents
  • Wrote 342 citations
  • Recorded 96 offenses.
  • Treated 176 million gallons of drinking water.
  • Responded to 132 rescue/fire calls, including 4 structure fires and 2 vehicle fires.
  • Conducted 46 fire inspections.
  • Performed preventative maintenance on 124 fire hydrants.
  • Wrote 7 weed citations.
  • Cleared out wooded area near Imagination Mountain.
  • Fertilized baseball and soccer fields.
  • Concluded a very successful summer reading program.
  • Received Anne Frank exhibit at Library.
  • Checked out 11,950 books, tapes, etc.
  • Attended advanced hostage negotiation school, training on domestic violence, and dispatch training.
  • Seized 13 pounds of marijuana resulting in two arrests and the seizure of one vehicle.
  • Received 55 dogs and cats at the animal shelter, and adopted out 26.
  • Repaired variable frequency drive at Cooper Lake pump station.
  • Attended safety training.
  • Cleaned 39,600 feet of sewer line.
  • Unstopped 50 sewer mains.
  • Repaired 17 sewer mains and taps.
  • Replaced 24 water meters.
  • Made 15 water taps.
  • Installed new water line across Como Street to Fuller Street to eliminate one dead-end main and increase water pressure to 2 fire hydrants.
  • Repaired four fire hydrants.
  • Performed preventative maintenance on various equipment at wastewater treatment plant.
  • Flushed 53 dead-end water mains.
  • Made 36 street repairs and swept 17 streets.
  • Conducted 21 health inspections and 72 public nuisance inspections.
  • Conducted 36 building inspections, 47 electrical inspections, 52 plumbing inspections, 29 mechanical inspections, and issued 19 building permits.
  • Abated three substandard structures, bringing the total to 327.
  • Repaired drainage pipe on Como Street.
  • Began constructing cul-de-sac on Magnolia at railroad tracks.
  • Installed a new water main along Industrial from Davis to Georgia to connect to dead-end mains.
  • Lowered an existing 6-inch water main under State Highway 19 in preparation for highway widening project.

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