Woman dies after being run over by her own truck
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

April 4, 2005 -- The 87-year-old Sulphur Springs woman who was run over by a truck on South Locust Street Saturday morning died shortly after reaching the hospital according to police investigators who ruled the death accidental, pending confirmation from the medical examiner's office.

At first, police were unsure what had occurred, but after speaking with a woman who witnessed the entire event and close examination of evidence at the scene ruled out foul play.

A witness told police that Iona Owen got out of her truck, walked behind it where the tailgate was open, pushing on it. The truck began to idle fast and "jumped out of gear" into reverse and to begin rolling backwards from the driveway at the corner of South Locust Street and Connally Street.

The woman grabbed the tailgate as the truck began backing toward her, but fell under the vehicle, which rolled over her, crossed Locust Street to another yard, then crossed Connally Street before coming to rest in the yard at 603 Connally St.

"Looking at the scene, there was no evidence of any acceleration or brakes being used, which confirmed the vehicle was unoccupied. Also, the truck door was closed," Sulphur Springs Police Investigator David Gilmore said Monday.

The engine was still running and the truck was still in reverse when police arrived. Owens was laying in the middle of South Locust Street. Emergency Medical Services personnel began attempting to stabilize the woman's condition at the scene and while en route to Hopkins County Memorial Hospital, where she died.

As is standard procedure in death of that nature an autopsy will be conducted by the Dallas medical examiner's office.

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