TxDoT set to begin work on SH 11 east next Tuesday
From Staff Reports

Sept. 14, 2004 -- Texas Department of Transportation has contracted with Ballou Construction Inc. of Salina, Kan., to place a new riding surface on State Highway 11 from Winnsboro to just west of Martin Springs, according to Ernest Teague, area engineer in Sulphur Springs.

The new surface will be like the one placed on the highway last year from State Highway 154 in Sulphur Springs to just past the Rose Hill Addition, where the new contract will start. The last contract was aimed primarily at resurfacing state highway routes within Sulphur Springs, but the short section of SH 11 was added to the contract due to early deterioration of the road surface at that time.

Since then, the surface on the remainder of SH 11 between Sulphur Springs and Winnsboro has continued to deteriorate to the point where a new surface was needed.

TxDoT actually has plans for a more extensive reconstruction of this route, according Teague. However, the resurfacing was necessary as an intermediate measure to provide for traffic safety and a smooth ride until funding is available to perform the more complete reconstruction.

The new riding surface, called microsurfacing, should take care of the immediate problems with the existing road surface, which is unraveling somewhat, causing a slightly rough ride.

"The microsurface will cover only the travel path, leaving the existing center stripe and edge lines in place," said Teague. "Next summer we will come in with our regular seal coat program and place a protective layer of asphalt and gravel across the whole road. This will provide better protection against water absorbing into the road bed."

The microsufacing work is anticipated to start up next Tuesday, and it will take about two weeks to complete.

Teague also added that a separate contract to provide for a left turn lane in the vicinity of Como-Pickton School will be let to contract next spring, with the work being performed during the summer months while school is out.

The local TxDoT Area Office hopes to have funding to begin work on a more complete reconstruction of a short stretch of highway, beginning at the west end, maybe late next year.

"The goal is to have the whole section between Sulphur Springs and Winnsboro reconstructed in the next 5 to 8 years," Teague said.

The cost of the new microsurfacing project is $398,384.44. A complete reconstruction of SH 11, which involves pulverizing the old roadway to a depth of about 15 inches, stabilizing it with cement and resurfacing it, is estimated to cost a total of about $12 million at today's construction prices.

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