Two dozen dogs removed from breeder, unsanitary conditions cited
Faith Huffman | News-Telegram News Editor

Sept. 13, 2004 -- Hopkins County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Anderson along with an American Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals investigator removed 24 dogs including Scotties, Schnauzers and Dachshunds, from an FM 2560 dog breeder's residence Saturday, citing unclean and unsanitary pins and living conditions as reason for attaining the civil warrant.

"Their living conditions were pretty bad," Anderson said Monday morning. "No criminal charges have been filed at this time, but cruelty to animal charges could follow."

Anderson contacted ASPCA representatives Tuesday after receiving an animal complaint call for the FM 2560 residence. The pair went to the location, where they spoke with the breeder who then allowed them entry to the location to view and take photographs of the animals.

When investigating animal cruelty cases, officials checked to see that animals are provided with adequate food and water, given shelter and the general condition of that shelter, and that health care needs are met.

"We then gathered the information and took it to Judge [Yvonne] King on Saturday the 11th," Anderson said. "She issued a warrant to pick up the animals. We went Saturday morning and picked up 24 dogs. She had more than that, but had apparently given away or otherwise gotten rid of the others."

The animals will remain under the care of ASPCA officials and veterinarians until Sept. 16, when a court hearing will be held in Precinct One Justice of the Peace Yvonne King's court to determine if the dogs can safely be returned to the owner or if they will be awarded to the SPCA. If awarded to the ASPCA, the dogs will be thoroughly checked out, then adopted out when given a clean bill of health.

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