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Lone Oak scores win over C-P

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LONE OAK – It was a night for lethal passing. Como-Pickton fell to Lone Oak in a 47-14 bout at Buffalo Stadium.

Passing by Lone Oak Buffalo’s third-string quarterback sophomore Trevor Lasseter, hitting various targets in motion such as seniors Devonta Cooper, and Levi Jordan contributed most of the points tacked on the board along with Trenton Overly during the muddy grid action. Lasseter completed 13 of 22 for 208 yards and three TDs in his debut at QB.

The Buffaloes proved their undefeated district status with 421 total yards of offense. They held Como-Pickton Eagles off the scoreboard until just over three minutes left in the first half. The Eagles started their scoring series with on the kickoff return by senior Corey Gibson following Cooper’s two-yard scoring run and senior Micah Cano’s good PAT. Cooper had 11 carries for 89 yards on the night.

Gibson’s kickoff return gave C-P possession on the 36-yard line. Even with a bobbled snap, junior Zach Carpenter recovered quickly to get a pitch to senior Brandt Steele gaining two yards. Sophomore Brodie Ogle made the next carry as he was run out-of-bounds, the clock ticked 3:39 on third down.

Senior James Carter turned on his fleet feet to break out of the pack for a 66-yard scoring run. Eagle junior Angel Mercado booted the extra point good for a 27-7 Lone Oak’s ballgame.

Lone Oak’s next possession saw catches by Jordan and Overly twice by the tall, lanky quarterback Lasseter. The handoff to Cooper secured the first down for the Buffaloes with his 22-yard run. A Lone Oak timeout held the clock at 1:46. Buffalo senior Travis Harvey pulled down a Lasseter aerial for second and goal. Lasseter punched through the Eagle defense for a short three-yard touchdown. With Cano’s PAT good, the score continued in the Buffaloes’ favor 34-7.

Mixing it up, Ogle went to the quarterback still in mainly shotgun formation. With 36 seconds, Ogle connected with Steele for first down at 36-yard line. Senior Hunter Cooksey is just shy of an Ogle pass to send the Eagles’ marker to second and 10. Carter took the carry for a gain of five just before the timeout. The Eagles regroup to send a pass to sophomore Trevor Cagle down the home-side stretch. The ball spotted on the 47-yard line and one second remained in half, C-P Eagles head football coach Paul Tullis called a timeout. Lone Oak did not allow C-P any room for strategy as Ogle is sacked in backfield by Malone.

Making stops for the start of third quarter action was Eagle junior Julian Ramirez, senior Jeff Hendricks, and Carter before Jordan found the goal line on a 25-yard scoring run. Cano’s PAT was flagged (off sides on Eagles) but good, 41-7.

Carries by Steele and Carter led up to C-P’s first down and the ball on the 39-yard line. Carpenter took the keeper for a 4-yard gain that lined up Carter’s next score. Mercado slides into his PAT, as the mud was greater on the north end of the field. Officials declare it good, putting 27 points between the opponents.

Lone Oak wasted no time getting loose for a 34-yard gain following the fair catch on C-P senior Robert Carden’s kickoff. Steele stopped the Buffaloes. Lone Oak finished with a 14-yard TD. Forced into a two-point conversion pass, Overly missed his target.

The Eagle senior Merced Ramirez punted the ball away sealing third quarter action, 47-14. Buffaloes continued forward movement with a flock of Eagles on tackle for third and 12 with 4:08 left. Tullis worked in some of the JV players that had missed a game this week due to weather on Thursday and were not able to reschedule because officials were not available.

Back in the hands of C-P action ended as Buffalo senior, Chase Kizer intercepted an aerial from Carpenter. Lone Oak followed by kneeling on the final 20 seconds of the game.

In first quarter action, Lone Oak came out quick on the NASCAR offense with Eagle tackles made by Mercado, Carpenter, Gibson, and Hendricks. The Buffaloes moved from 43-yard line to first down to a Jordan TD for a 6-0 lead with the clock only having time to tick to 9:58. Jordan netted eight receptions for 78 yards and two scores.

The momentum shifted against C-P after the kickoff return by Gibson. A fumbled ball gave the ball back to Lone Oak. A questionable pass interference call sent the Eagles back 15 yards. Only 30 seconds had passed since Lone Oak’s first score, C-P temperatures were aggravated more as Lasseter cleared his first TD followed by Cano’s PAT.

Gibson worked the return to get possession at the 38-yard line. Out of the shotgun, Carpenter got a handoff to Carter for third and five. Carpenter kept C-P alive as he vaulted one to Merced for a first down. Cooper and teammate Aaron Cummings break loose to push Carter back to midfield for a loss of yardage. Carter made another short gain carry. Lone Oak continued to rush Carpenter as he pitched out to Carter. The C-P punt team was called, and officials spotted the ball on the 49-yard line.

Lone Oak went for a long bomb pass to junior C.J. Schumann, but it slipped through his hands near goal line. Carpenter and Ramirez take down Cooper as he got the first down for Lone Oak. Senior Kalob Mund took control on the next Buffalo ball carrier. Mund swung him down for a loss of three yards. Steele put the stop to senior rusher Chris Velazquez as he cleared the 15-yard line for first down. Junior Julian Ramirez found the mud and the needed stop of Cooper. Lasseter called his own number as he crossed for a score. Cano could, as he tacked on another point for a 20-0 lead.

Carpenter made some quick pitches and passes to Steele before Lone Oak forced another punt as seconds ticked off the first quarter clock.

Second quarter action began with a helmet-popping tackle by Hendricks just before the Eagles got back possession. Carter got in some carries for a third down and seven. Carpenter made a pretty connection with Cagle for a gain of six as Velazquez pushed him in rain-soaked sidelines. Carter was stopped at line of scrimmage for another Lone Oak first down. Steele pressured Lasseter along with a tackles by senior Joseph Thornhill and Mund. Steele recovered the fumbled Buffalo ball. Gibson in shotgun took the keeper for short gain followed by five more on a pass to Cooksey brought up fourth and one.

Back in Lone Oak’s hands, Thornhill made a smash to break up pass with Lone Oak on six-yard line. One play later, Cooper used his size to power a two-yard TD followed by PAT.

This set up the Eagles for their first scoring play.

Other outcomes in district play included: Caddo Mills blanked Quitman 32- 0, Winnsboro over Cooper 48-14, and Grand Saline downed winless Alba Golden 34-0. Como-Pickton will host Senior Night activities and Alba-Golden for week 10 action.

District 13-2A 2009 Football Standings Week 8

OVERALL               DISTRICT

Team                  W-L        PF-PA          W-L

Lone Oak             8-1        364-156        6-0

Caddo Mills          7-2        317-128        5-1

Winnsboro           5-4        256-208        5-1

Quitman               4-5        133-191        4-2

Cooper                 4-5        209-176        2-4

Grand Saline        2-7        150-300        2-4

Como-Pickton       1-8        129-327        0-6

Alba-Golden         0-9         29-365        0-6




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