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Dailey fires career-five 300 game

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Two bowlers, Karla Dailey and Shayne Wilson, fired 300 games in league play at Classic Lanes for the week ending Sept. 25.

Dailey’s perfect game proved to be the more dramatic of the two. Bowling on lanes 3-4 with the Easy Money team – husband Chad, mother and stepfather Sybil and Jim Galloway – in the Sunday Night Mixed on Sept. 20, Dailey opened the second game with 11 strikes. In addition to the pressure of that first 300 game, she then then had to wait a few agonizing minutes for pinspotter adjustments before rolling her final ball.
But she overcame the nerve-twanging delay, got the adrenaline back under control and hammered the pocket for the 300. Dailey, bowling on a 184 average, opened her series with a 200 even and closed with a 191 for a 691, tops among the women bowlers for the week.
In the Thursday Men’s Commercial league on Sept. 24, Shayne Wilson – who has a habit of shooting big games and sets – nailed yet another 300 in game one and followed with 247 and 256 for a lofty 803 series. Wilson, bowling with The King Pins team on lanes 15-16 and carrying a 232 average going into the night’s play, has several perfect games and 800 sets in his record book.
Several other big game and series scores were posted during the week, including Allan Hague’s near-miss of a perfect game with a 296 in the Tuesday Night Mixed league on Sept. 22.
Notable scores for the week included, by league:
Sunday Night
Chad Dailey came with one strike of a 300 of his own, rolling a 279 in game one, then followed with 216 and 257 for a 752 series.
Allan Hague shot 226 and 238 games in a 660 series, while wife Shannon Hague posted a 213 game and David Strain added a 215 to the team’s effort. Corey Ogle fired a 236 game, Michael Burnett a 241 game and 641 series; Tasha Crist, bowling on a 117 average, hit a 153 game; Casey Ferguson posted a 242 game; Becky Bowden rolled 223 and 248 games; Brian Stegall carded a 258 game; and Anthony Sweat compiled a 667 series on games of 214-237-216.
Also, Tina Crist fired a 146 game, 33 pins over her average; Nathan Crist shot a 235 game in a 614 series; Ralphie Harred rolled games of 183-191-176 for a 550 series off her 167 entering average; Daniel Wyatt shot a 221 game; Joey Burton rolled games of 166 and 172 on a 107 average; Larry Stovall fired a 231 game; Tarry Davison put a 259 game and 683 series on the recap sheet; Alan Roberts hit a 215 game; and Harold McClure fired a 268 game en route to a 679 series.
Monday Night
Pam Parmer rolled the high game of the night on Sept. 21 with a 194, while Tina Phillips posted a 524 to top the series scoring.
Tasha Crist rolled a 418 series on games of 152-132-134 on her 117 average; Amber Burnett shot a 191 game; Margret Hyde posted a 140 game on a 101 average; Kelly Sutton was 41 pins over average in her 185 game; Pat Chaddick recorded a 180 game and 508 set; Parmer’s 194 game keyed a 520 set; Robin Edwards hammered out games of 170-182-159 after opening the night’s play on a 130 average, and teammates Eva Phillips, averaging 140 going in, shot 490 with a 160-174-156 block and Philips’ 524 included a 192 closing game.
Barbara Ochao rolled a steady 129-132-131 for a 392 on her 116 average and teammate Mary Hortan fired a 164 in the first game and went on to a 405 series after opening play with a 111 average; Kalie Burton’s 155 game was 53 pins over average; Cataline Torres shot a steady 146-159-158 set for 463 on her 139 average; Jean Thompson shot a 161 game on a 113 average; Carrie Robins was 40 pins over average in her 138 game; and Patty Morgan, a recent inductee into the Classic Lanes Hall of Fame, ripped a 190 game after entering play with a 133 average.
Tuesday Night
Deana Hale tossed a 567 series and 214 game to lead the women’s scoring. Allan Hague had a shot at his first sanctioned 300 game, opening with 11 in a row before missing the pocket for a six-count on his final ball for 296. Hague’s big game, following 248 and 231, gave him a 775 series for the night to top the men’s bracket.
Greg Pullen rolled 203-228-234 for a 665 series, while teammate Neldon Smith shot 662 in a 200-224-238 block; Justin Haggerty hit a 252 game and 615 series and Jesse Haggerty had a 209 game; S.O. Michaelson recorded games of 225 and 228 in a 626 set; Shayne Wilson fired a 289 opening game and ended the night with a 763 series.
Kay Dunahoo posted games of 114-145-148 for 407 after entering the night’s action on a 103 average; Mike Dunahoo fired a 231 game; Steve Edwards shot 225 and 230 games in a 648 outing; Harold McClure closed with a 244 for a 640 series; Larry Siegert shot a 224 game; and Mike Gililland hit 256 in game three for a 653 series.
Colby Pullen rolled a solid 678 on games of 215-209-254; Tarry Davison hit a 686 series after opening play with a 248 game; Melissa Shelton went over her average each game in a consistent 438 series with a 152 high game; Pam Parmer recorded a 507 series with games of 175 and 178 included; and Don Gammil posted a 208 game.
Hale’s 567 came on games of 176-214-177 off her 172 entering average; Richard Bursby fired a 226 game; Trenis Turner carded a 184 game in a 502 series; and the Trashmaster ball overcame enough operator error to give me a 220.
David Soeder compiled a 655 series on games of 224-203-228; Cliff Whitney had a 204 game; Marlo McKnight, bowling on a 159 average to open play, shot a 192 game and 516 series; Ace Wiginton hit a 236 game; Kevin Sharp recorded games of 218 and 210; Dale Watkins opened with a 243 game; and Ken Sharp rolled a 210 game.
Thursday Men’s
While Wilson was tooling his 803 series and 300 game, five other shooters hit 700 or better in Thursday’s competition.
Jerry C. Thompson stroked his first seven in two years with 700 on the nose; Dewayne Roach hit a 706; Scott Ogle a 732; Tarry Davison compiled a 716; and Vincent Smith carded a 711.
Thompson’s series started with a 278 – two sticky single pins getting in the way of a 300 – and finished with 232 and 190. Roach fired games of 257-222-227; Davison’s set came on 268-227-221 games; Smith fired his 711 after opening with a 188, followed with a near-perfect 279 and closed with a 244; and Ogle strung games of 216-258-258 for his 732.
Other notable scores included John Lambert’s 252 game; Keith Ethridge’s 215 game; Wes Campbell’s 212; Donald Davis’ 243 game and 645 series; Red Skelton’s 214 game; Larry Stovall’s 213 game; James Allen’s 219; and Danny Burns’ closing 224 for a 621 series.
Colby Pullen fired a 685 with games of 236-225-224; Joe Bell carded a pair of 226s in a 633 set; Will Brings logged 240 and 223 games in his 633 series; Greg Pullen shot 257 in game three for a 654; Corey Ogle compiled a 223 game; Allan Hague rolled a 644 series with a 258 final game; and Michael Burnett recorded a 620 with a 215 high game.
Dave Gholson stroked a 210 game; Bo Duncan a 215; Jason Smith, 227 and 208 games; Mike Gililland a 230 game; Adam Thompson a 216 game on a 169 average; James Hagan hit 210 and 204 games; Zach Howser had a 217 game; Ray Howser a 212; Rodney Miller, bowling on a 157 entering average, compiled a 183-179-184 block for 546; and Russ Nuss opened with 247 and closed with 243 for 673.
Chris Pearsall closed with a 227 for a 574 series on a 164 average; Kenny Turner shot a 203 game; Buddy McClendon a 212 game; Ronnie Wooten, games of 236 and 217 in his 646 series; Matt Parker had a 207 game; Cliff Whitney a 205; Jim Beard thumped a 269 game in a 646 set; Nevil Solomon rolled 210 and 203 games; Curtis Sewell a 223 game; David Strain a 635 series including games of 208 and 233; Jeff Branch, competing on a 179 average, fired 246-201-204 for a 651; and Charles Harred cranked out 238 and 216 games in a 642 series.
Mike Miller carded a 209 game; Jerry A. Thompson shot 210 and 201 games; Justin Haggerty shot 626 with a 234 game included; James Parmer had a steady 613 set with a 215 high; Jessie Haggerty fired a 201 game; and Jason Parmer posted a 226 game.
The King Pins, paced by Wilson’s 803, rolled a 3447 scratch series as Mike Fletcher chipped in a 656 with 226 and 239 games included; Jason Keller hit 678 with games of 236 and 256; and Wilson’s 803 and Roach’s 706 closed out the series and a three-point win night. The King Pins’ opponent, the Watkins team, compiled a 3184 scratch and 3328 handicap series, led by Davison’s 716 and Smith’s 711, while Duane Anspon chipped in a 235 game and 628 series.   
Justin Parmer will be back at the keyboard next week for this report.



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